Athlete of the Week - Nick Logan

Our new weekly blog post features an athlete who we would like to recognize in the endurance community.  This week we interviewed Nick Logan, a USAT/USAC Elite Level 2 coach and race director for Team Mossman Events who began his endurance racing in 2004. Since then, Nick has competed in 177 endurance races of various lengths, including the ITU World Championships in 2013.  What's next for Nick? He is hopes to finish the Ultraman Florida, a 3 day event of 320 miles on February 21st-23rd and looks to be a Team USA Triathlon All-American.  But his biggest accomplishment was not on the course or his endurance was getting his wife to say yes!

We sat down with Nick (@nlogantri) for an interview to get to know him a little better.

EP: What was your first endurance race?

NL: My first endurance race was in June of 2004 at age 22. I decided to jump in to a half marathon with 2 days notice because it was supposed to be hot that weekend and I wanted to do my long run with aid stations and not have to carry water or nutrition.  Needless to say with a limited run background and not being properly trained it wasn't pretty and I finished in 2:04.  I followed that up a few weeks later with an equally bad performance at my first sprint triathlon.  For some this might have been discouraging but it only drove me to see what I could push myself to become.

EP: What is your biggest athletic accomplishments so far?

NL: In 2013 I was selected to represent Team USA and compete at the ITU World Championships in London, for both the sprint and Olympic distance races.

I’ve competed in every distance from sprint to Ironman, 5k to marathon and will be doing my first ultra-distance ironman on February 21st.

EP: What are some of your best race times?


Sprint Tri: 54:43.                                         2013 Seaside Sprint Triathlon Bridgeport, CT

Olympic Tri 2:03,                                        2013 NJ State Olympic Triathlon, Princeton, NJ

Half Ironman 4:33                                      2012 Pumpkinman Half Iron, South Berwick, ME

Ironman 11:36                                           2008 Ironman Lake Placid Lake Placid, NY

Half Marathon: 1:19                                  2013 Savin Rock Half Marathon, West Haven, CT

EP: What are some of your 2014 goals?

NL: I would like to be a USA Triathlon All-American, place well at Ultraman Florida, Qualify for Team USA 2015, finish a sub 2 hour Olympic triathlon and most importantly, strive to continuously improve and become a better athlete.

EP: Thank you Nick and good luck in the upcoming Ultraman race!