Athlete of the Week: Sharon Sander Tri Amigos Founder and Former Pentathlon National Champion

Sharon Sander is head coach and founder of the Tri Amigos triathlon team based in San Antonio, TX. She grew up watching her father, who was an athlete, and that inspired her to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. One of her first experiences in an organized event was a March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon in the early 80’s. She thought it would be more fun to run it and ignored the dirty looks everyone gave her. After that walk/run she knew she wanted to do more races and was hooked.

Sharon Sander Triathlete and former national Duathlon Champion

EP: What was your first endurance race?

SS: My first race endurance race was in 1983 and was the Monterrey Bay Half Ironman…or it may have been in Donner Lake up near Tahoe, CA…all I know is both of those swims were REALLY COLD – it was way before they had wetsuits!

EP: What is your biggest athletic accomplishments so far?

SS: I’ve been competing in triathlons and endurance sports for many years so I have a few very memorable athletic accomplishments:

1987: Top 10 finish in the Ride and Tie World Championships

1991: Breaking 12 hours in the Ironman World Championships

1993: Amateur World Duathlon Champion

2001: National Champion in Modern Pentathlon

EP: What are some of your best race times?

SS: My PR’s are:

5k – 18:00

10k – 37:40

10 mile run – 1:05:00

40K Bike – 1:01:00

EP: What are some of your 2014 goals?

SS: My main goal for 2014 is to continue to push my team the Tri Amigos to train, stay fit and have fun. I also want to do well at my “A” race this year which is 70.3 Hawaii.