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Athlete of the Week: Travis Vance Started In Tough Mudder, Now His Sights Are Set On Turning Pro As a Triathlete

March 07, 2014

Travis Vance began his journey into endurance sports in Tough Mudder races. He competed in the 24-hour World’s Toughest Mudder, which challenged him but left him wanting more. While at the race he saw another competitor wearing an Ironman t-shirt, which sparked his interest. Travis learned that ironman endurance races combine swimming, biking and running covering 140.6 miles in one day. His interest was piqued and knew he had to experience one for himself.

Read more about Travis’ journey into triathlon and his plans of turning professional one day.

travis vance ironman athlete

EP: What was your first endurance race?

TV: My first endurance race was World's Toughest Mudder in October 2012.  I completed 32 miles in about 8 hours.  My first Triathlon was the Tall Texan triathlon, on March of 2013. 

EP: What is your biggest athletic accomplishments so far?

TV: My biggest athletic accomplishment to date is the top 10 overall finish at the Prairieman Half-Ironman in my final race last year and in my first season of racing. 

EP: What are some of your best race times?

TV: My PR’s are:

Prairieman Half-Ironman Triathlon – 5:07:09 (2nd pace AG, 7th place OA)

TexasMan Triathlon X50 (1-mile swim, 40 mile bike, 9 mile run) – 3:50:29 (3rd place AG)

EP: What are some of your 2014 goals?

TV: My goals for the 2014 season are to continue improving my finishing times each race, as well as, place in my age group each race.  Additionally, I would like to qualify for Age Group Nationals and/or 70.3 World Championships.

Upcoming 2014 race schedule:

- St. Patrick's Day Sprint Tri (3/16)

- TriTyler (3/30)

- Ironman New Orleans (4/13

- Texasman X50 (5/4)

- CapTex Triathlon (5/26)

- Ironman Kansas (6/8)

- Ironman Buffalo Springs Lake (6/29)

- TriWaco Olympic (7/27)

- TriRock Austin (9/1)

- Redman 70.3 (9/20)

- Ironman Austin (10/26)

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