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EnduroPacks Athlete of the Week: Brent Poulsen

March 14, 2014

In 1998, Brent Poulsen, then an 11th grade high school student in Orillia, Ontario enrolled in a class called Triathlon 101. The purpose of this class was to train for and compete in the Muskoka Sprint Triathlon at the end of the school year. After training for and finishing this race he was instantly hooked on the sport. In 2002, Brent captured the provincial junior triathlon title and was named to the age group national team. Brent is a professional triathlete who currently lives and trains in Fort Worth, Texas.

Brent Poulsen

EP: What was your first endurance race?

BP: My first endurance race was the Muskoka Sprint Triathlon. I know it was a short race but swimming in June, in Canada, is very cold which makes it an endurance experience it itself.

EP: What is your biggest athletic accomplishments so far?

BP: One of my best years of racing was in 2010 and I place well in some very tough races against some top competitors. Last year I finished the season with an overall win at the Trifecta Triathlon.

Trifecta Triathlon – 1st Place Overall

Branson 70.3 – 5th Place Professional

Kansas 70.3 – 6th Place Professional

Autsin 70.3 – 6th Place Professional

EP: What are some of your best race times?


2011 Prairie Man Half Marathon – 1:14:40

2007 World Aquathlon Championships – 31:32

2013 5150 Galveston – 1:34:10

2009 Ironman World Championships 70.3 – 3:47:41

EP: What are some of your 2014 goals?

BP: My 2014 Goals are to get back into ITU racing since I haven't competed in one since 2007. I will have a mixed bag of races with ITU Sprint, Olympic Distance and a few 70.3s. The main goal will be to get into some late season World Cups. My next race will be Galveston 70.3 on April 6th.

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