Olympic Trialist In 10K Seeks New Ways To Improve Running Performance

Tina Muir, an Olympic trialist and elite runner with a serious kick (she ran a 33:24 10K) has been seeking new ways to make the most of her running ability, and become the absolute best she can, recently tried vitamin and mineral replacement as part of her endurance training routine.

Tina explains, “Most of the little changes I have made lately have been directed towards better recovery. I have been trying to get more hours, and a higher quality sleep, mostly thanks to the Sleep Cycle app. I have also been foam rolling and stretching more to flush out the soreness. The third improvement I have made, was the introduction of EnduroPacks into my life”.

Tina Muir , elite runner

A lot has been written regarding the nutritional demands of athletes during training. It is clear athletes need to fuel properly and replenish nutrients that the body burns or loses during exercise in order to perform to our potential and recover properly. When athletes sweat, the fluids lost from the body contain essential minerals. Mineral replacement is essential to helping restore proper blood volume and blood sugar levels, and is necessary for enzymatic reactions that promote proper blood volume, according to Nina Anderson, SPN in “Fueling for Peak Performance”. Without these essential minerals, the quality of performance during long-term or explosive short-term exercise decreases.

Following her 30 days trying EnduroPacks vitamin and mineral replacement system, Tina had this to say, “Over the past month, there has been some definite improvements. My recovery runs are faster, without putting in any more effort, my workouts have been improving consistently, and I am feeling strong almost every day.”

Her research on the subject supported her findings. Pointing to the conclusion from Piattoly, Parish, and Welsch (“L-Glutamine Supplementation: Effects on Endurance, Power And Recovery”, 2013) which sums up the findings well: "Short-term glutamine supplementation may not have an effect on acute recovery from exhaustive endurance exercise, but may indeed improve performance, in moderate to well-trained individuals."

Now that Tina’s training is reaching the most intense part of the training cycle, replacement of essential nutrients and minerals is even more important to maintain proper health and recover faster. ”I am hooked…I think Enduropacks (system) played a part in my body being able to handle all this (training). Anything that is able to keep me healthy, and allow me to keep training towards my goals is something I would love to continue.”

Read more of Tina’s review here: www.tinamuir.com/2014/04/enduropacks-review.html


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