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3rd Place Brooklyn-Half Finisher And EnduroPacks Athlete, Tina Muir, Sets a Blazing PR of 1:14:29!

May 19, 2014

Elite distance runner and EnduroPacks' ambassador set out to run a Personal Best at Saturday's Brooklyn Half Marathon, and she did just that!  Tina Muir, a former Olympic 10k trialist and member of Saucony Hurricanes, ran a PR of 1:14:29 to finish 3rd overall for the women!  That's a blazing 5:41/mile pace and just 1:00 minute behind winner Liz Costello of NYAC running club.

Tina Muir, Elite Distance Runner, with Dad after a 3rd Place Finish at Brooklyn Half Marathon

Tina's hard training and determination got her through a race that may not have lived up to her expectations (read about her race day experience on her blog ).  After speaking with Tina after the race, she indicated she never felt great from mile 1, but her finish was nonetheless impressive.  

Here is why:

She finished 3rd female out of 13,667 women
She finished 41st overall out of 25,587 runners

Saucony Hurricanes member tina muir running 5:40/mile pace through brooklyn

Tina's determination got her through a difficult race.

She continued to push as hard as she possibly could, and did the best she could on the day. Finishing 3rd overall female and setting a PR is quite an accomplishment.

Tina writes in her blog following race day, "I ran a 40 second PR. I should be happy considering all I have on my plate, but I just feel so down about it... I KNOW I am better than this, I KNOW I am in shape to run some fast times, but I just cannot get it to translate to the races that matter."

brooklyn marathon finishes on coney island boardwalk

Watch as Elite distance runner, Tina Muir, runs through Brooklyn toward her 3rd place finish.

Tina credits as least some of her recent success to a healthy diet and proper nutrition using the EnduroPacks replacement system.  She has set her sights on qualifying for the 2016 UK Olympic team. Please reach out and support Tina during her endeavor by following her on twitter @tinamuir or on instagram @tinamuir88.  Congratulations Tina on an impressive performance Saturday, and best of luck on your training ahead of your next big challenge, the Chicago Marathon.


Tina's Bio: I was born and raised in England, I am currently completing my MBA, while coaching Track/Cross Country at La Salle University in Philadelphia. Last summer, I finished third in the 10k at the Great Britain Olympic Trials and I have PRs of 16:08 (5k) and 33:24 (10k), 1:14:49 half marathon, and 2:49:09 marathon. I run for the Saucony Hurricanes team. Other than running, my other passion is cooking! As much as I love my sweets, it is not ideal for my training. This blog is to share with you the healthy meals I enjoy to maximize my performance.

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