A Day In the Life of a Professional Triathlete

This is an article written by a professional triathlete and our brand ambassador, James Cotter. He walks us through his daily fitness and nutrition routine. James Cotter started competing in triathlons at 18 years old when he moved from New Zealand to Hawaii. He ended up qualifying for Ironman Hawaii in his first race and was the youngest athlete in 2001. He caught the bug and slowly progressed up the rankings. You can track his progress on his blog www.kiwicotter.com or follow him on twitter @cotterjp.

Hi, my name is James Cotter, and I’m a professional triathlete. I thought it might be interesting to do a “day in the life” post.  I picked a key training day one week out from my first of three half ironman events.  You will see how I train, what I do  fuel my training, and what I use to help me recover from my challenging workouts.


6:15 AM-7:30 AM

Nice session to open after swim time trial yesterday.


-200 Swim, 200 Kick, 200 IM, 200 Pull, 200 swim

-12x50 as 3 of each stroke

Main Set: x4 rounds

Pull on 1:10/100 yard base pace

300 Pull

200 Pull

100 Pull

12x25 on :20

Cool Down:

200 Easy


I like to get out the door and get riding sooner than later since temperatures are heating up. I grab a smoothie with 400-500 calories and bowl of cheerios. I top this off with my tablespoon of EnduroPacks multivitamin.

Enduropacks Multi-vitamin


Two hour ride today with 8x6’ just below goal race pace wattage. Alternating between pushing the big gear and spinning at high cadence. 

I like to supplement my bottles with 3 squirts of the concentrated electrolyte spray. For calories we have switched more to real food now. My wife has been creating all types of new rice cakes for rides. The results have been very nice when running off the bike. Plus, your 6th cake is so much better tasting than your 6trh gel when the temperatures get 30+C


Straight of the bike was an hour run with intervals. We have a great hilly loop which I call my “Texas Waitaks” after the famous hilly loop in New Zealand that legendary Arthur Lydiard used. Once this loop is completed, you end up at our local intermediate school track. It was 8x1km faster than goal race pace with small rest.



Once I’m done with tough workouts I like to apply two EnduroPacks amino acid patches. If the session is a steady aerobic workout I apply just one. 

Enduropacks amino acid patches

Later on in the evening, right before bed I will take my Glutamine. Again, depending on intensity and duration will determine how much I take. On hard days during big weeks, I have been using 2 pills 2-3 times daily. The Glutamine product has been very beneficial to the hard yards and hard weeks.