EnduroPacks Gets Runner and Organic Health Writer Ready For First Marathon

Runner and organic health writer at runonorganic.com, Jesica Salyer describes her 30 days leading up to training for her first marathon.

Jesica Sayler reviews EnduroPacks Nutrition System for Endurance Training

Jesica had this to say, "I’ve noticed that I can maintain the rigorous running intermixed with lots of moves like lunges, squat jumps, push ups and burpees without getting sore and requiring a full day of rest. I believe EnduroPacks have helped minimize my recovery time and fuel me up properly."

EnduroPacks Sports Nutrition System

Jesica started using the EnduroPacks vitamin and mineral replacement system to help with the preparation for her first marathon. I have been doing some of my best running… I can’t help but think that it’s because of my nutrition and supplement intake.

Jesica is committed to an active, organic and healthy way of living. So naturally she only uses the most beneficial products to put into her body. “I love that their products are Non-GMO and are higher quality than the majority of pre-workout mixes you’ll find in the store. I’d recommend this product bundle to avid endurance athletes like myself who have taken their training to another level. Enduropacks will help your body and your vitality keep up with the training demands!”


You can read more of Jesica’s review at http://runonorganic.com/?s=enduropacks