6 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Summer Running

Summer is a hard season for any endurance athlete. We hear a lot about how great it is to train in spring and autumn, but summer is met with many complaints of heat and humidity.

Your training shouldn’t take a toll due to the heat. With a lot of hydration and sunscreen summer training can be awesome! Here are a few reasons from womensrunning.competitor.com.

Easy to Dress

When it’s a little chillier out you don’t really know if you should wear long sleeves or shorts. Summer running is easy. Put on your most lightweight attire, a hat is good to throw on, a watch, and you’re good to go.

Longest Days

It stays light out until almost 8:30 PM! Long days mean there are more opportunities than usual to fit in your workout.

Whatever the Weather

Aside from the occasional thunderstorm or the 100-degree day, summer weather really is manageable. The sun is shining most days, and the morning and evenings can be quite cool and refreshing.

Speed Demon

After training all spring long, summer is a great time to get out there and race! Sign up for some fun 5K’s all summer long. If your fall marathon training starts mid-summer, short races make great speed workouts.

Take to the Trails

So much of outdoor winter running is restricted to the roads waiting for running trails to thaw out. Now is the time to hit the woods! Trail running adds a new scenic route for you run. With the shade of the trees it will keep you a bit cooler.

Post-Run Reward

A cold shower or dip in the water is the best reward for a great training session. Even a great dish of fruit tastes delicious after a hot run or bike!