Stay Fit While You're Having Fun On Your Next Vacation

There are two types of runners on vacation: those who struggle to fit in even a single run, and those who pack up their free time with hard workouts. Whether you’re planning a getaway with a filled itinerary or a leisurely trip, here’s how to stay fit while you’re away from

Do a Pretrip Push

Do an extra-long run or an especially tough workout a day or two before you leave. This will justify doing little to no running during the first couple days of your trip. Knowing that you have a while to rest may give you the effort to do the best workout you’ve done in a while.

Plan for Company

There are ways to arrange to join local runners in your vacation spot. You can even book a guided run- similar to a sightseeing tour, but on foot. Check out if there are races during the time you’ll be at your destination.

…Or Run Alone

It’s always exciting to run by beautiful places and monuments that you haven’t seen yet. Ask the concierge to recommend some good, safe-running routes.

Adjust Your Expectations

Your vacation plans may not always run on schedule. Don’t expect to run 10 miles in one day. Fit in what works best for your itinerary and be realistic. It’s also best to run early because it will be hard to fit them in later.

Broaden Your Horizons

If your schedule is packed it’s okay to take a week off from training, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a sloth. Try going on hikes, playing tennis, even waterskiing.