Take Your Training To New Heights - Quite Literally

Runners tend to be creatures of habit. We have a routine for where we run, what we wear, the food we eat before and after our training, and the races we participate in. It’s time to add some new things to your training; it’s not only good for your mind, but beneficial for your body too. Here's some great ideas to help vary your running from running.competitor.com

“Changing running surfaces works different leg muscles which, will lead to physical benefits,” says Eric Blake, head cross country and track and field coach at Central Connecticut State University. “And different scenery in your running will lead to mental benefits.”

The roads are an easy access route for running, but they’re not always the best thing for your body. If possible, find a softer surface at least once a week. Find a trail in the woods, grass field at a local school, a path in a park. Soft running surfaces will keep your everyday aches and pains to a minimum. You’ll be able to recover quicker, strengthen your ankles and develop you lower leg muscles more rapidly.

Training on soft trails isn’t always the best option, especially if you’ll be racing on roads. You need to get your legs adjusted to the harder surface, and the best way is to pound the pavement once in a while.

Regardless of where you run, take a break from your regular routine. Be sure to switch up your surface every now and then, and take running where you haven’t taken it before. Running isn’t supposed to be the same boring routine, it’s supposed to be fun!