Want a Better Alternative To Your Protein Recovery? Find Out How Amino Acids Can Help You

If you’re relying on protein shakes you could be doing your body more harm than good. The premade, packaged shakes are often filled with refined sugar and artificial ingredients. According to CBSnews.com, “Experts say too much protein can contribute to health issues such as dehydration, digestive problems, increase your risk for osteoporosis and for some people, cause kidney problems.”

Some homemade or premade protein shakes use full-fat ingredients, such as whole milk yogurt, heavy cream or even ice cream. All of these ingredients can be hard on your stomach. A lot of these shakes are often awful tasting and hard to get down. Not to mention that consumer reports says that three products in particular could result in exposure to arsenic, cadmium, or lead if consumed three servings a day.

EnduroPacks Essential Amino Recovery there is no choking down disgusting tasting shakes or harmful ingredients. We have a solution for recovery that is non obtrusive.  Its a daily transdermal amino acid patch with the 8 essential amino acids (essential amino acids are those that are not produced by the body).

The Essential Amino Recovery isn’t taken orally, so it’s not harmful to your stomach or your taste buds! The transdermal adhesives are the most advanced, convenient, and most effective delivery method of essential amino acids. All you have to do is apply one patch to clean, dry skin on inner forearm, back, or stomach post-workout (leave on 4-8 hours). This will help to replenish your muscles, increase lung function, and boost your immune system!