Are You Ready To Take Your Training To The Next Level and Become a Triathlete?

Think racing in a triathlon is for you? There are some lifestyle adaptations you might have to make. A new book by triathlon coach Ian Stokell covers the unique concerns endurance athletes have when training for a triathlon. has offered a glimpse into the book as it discusses training as the years go by.

Triathlon is not a hobby

Triathlon is not a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. Training for a triathlon takes a lot of time and energy since it’s a sport that has so many different elements to it. You’ll need to practice your hydration and calorie intake, time management, and your sleeping and resting techniques.


The commitment to triathlon is a lifestyle choice and cannot be achieved with a quick program. Training for a triathlon should not consume your life, it should complement it. If done properly, training for a triathlon can be a very effective stress reliever. It’s important to set realistic and achievable goals.


During training you should aim for a balanced approach to training and your diet. You should get enough calories and the right kind of calories. Everyone should tailor his or her own dietary requirements to the needs of someone going through triathlon training.

Training Time Commitment

If you’re starting to train for a triathlon you need to make sure all the training and lifestyle routines required could be fit into your weekly life. More is not always better; it’s the quality of the training that counts. Even moderate personal success at a short sprint triathlon race is going to require many hard hours of physical and mental training.

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