Ready For Your First IRONMAN? Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect Race!

Registering for your first IRONMAN race is exhilarating and terrifying all at once. Knowing that you’ll soon to be conquering a new long-course distance might be exciting, but the pressure to choose an IRONMAN with conditions that will be in your favor to have a strong finish can be overwhelming. Here are three tips from to choose the best race for you!

Find a Perfect Match

Everyone has his or her strengths and weaknesses! Some triathletes can bike up steep hills marvelously, and other racers can run forever. No matter where your strengths are, IRONMAN races are about choosing a race that will play to your strengths.

Prioritize Easy Access

When racing in your first IRONMAN try to look for a race that is closer to home. The IRONMAN distance is stressful enough; you don’t want to worry about anything else. A race closer in distance to your home will make shipping your bike, renting a car, etc. less stressful.

Strategize Your Season

Just like picking a race that plays to your strength, first-timers should consider event dates before making a decision. You ideally want to pick a race that gives you enough time to train outdoors and in similar conditions. It’s recommended that racers complete the 70.3 distance of all three parts to the race in the cutoff times before registering for the race. If you can complete the race before the actual race it will give you the confidence you need!