Don't Learn the Hard Way... Be Sure To Avoid These 5 Mistakes For a Great Race

You can ask any runner what their “best” tips are for race day and everyone will give you different things to do and things to avoid.

Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid for a great race:

1)   Your pre-race dinner

Many racers believe overloading on carbs is the best pre-race dinner. An all you can eat pasta dinner is usually too much food, too much fat and that not what you normally eat. If you’re over eating you’ll probably feel sluggish in the morning and your digestive system won’t work like it’s used to.

2)   Wearing Complicated Clothing

Try to avoid tying anything around your waist. The extra material will just frustrate you as your racing.

3)   Chafing

On race day it’s important to use anti-chafe skin lubricant. Your strides often change due to new levels of fatigue. Your clothes will more than likely become wet from sweat. EnduroPacks recommends picking up Ruby’s Lube, which is an all-natural anti, chafe balm!

4)   Electrolytes

It’s so important to hydrate and keep your electrolytes balanced! A great option is using the EnduroPacks Concentrated Electrolyte Spray. It’s in a concentrated liquid format for maximum convenience. The spray contains essential minerals for energy, muscle contraction and blood flow, organ and tissue health, and mental acuity. It will also increase your stamina and hydrate properly without having to use sugary sports drinks.

5)   Pre and Post Race Meal

You might not be very hungry in the morning due to your nerves or adrenaline. You should absolutely not skip breakfast! If you begin the race without food in your system, you’re more likely to feel the “bonk.”

Once you’re finished with your race it’s important to refuel so it can begin to recover.