Professional Triathlete Trains With EnduroPacks Monthly System of Vitamin and Mineral Replacement

Profession triathlete, Brent Poulsen eats healthy and trains hard. It only made sense for his next step to be to try out the EnduroPacks Vitamin and Mineral Replacement System. In the offseason, Brent was searching for a good multivitamin that would leave him feeling more energized and ward off winter sickness. He had already tried numerous other brands but they all left him feeling tired and some even upset his stomach. Brent started using the 1-month supply when first building up his training in the offseason. Unfortunately, Brent was hospitalized for Salmonella blood poisoning before starting his 30 day supply. He was weak and felt out of shape, so when he ran his first 10k after the hospitalization and after taking the EnduroPacks products, he noticed that he recovered quickly and was able to get right back into training. He was then able to increase his mileage in both the pool and bike, and remained energized and recovered throughout.

Brent really liked that the multivitamin had “normal” percentages of daily-recommended intakes. Brent took the multivitamin and said, “I feel energized all day long, and have not missed any winter training due to sickness.” “Now as oppose to taking 4-8 pills in a day, I simply take 1 tablespoon of liquid and my daily needs are met.”

When Brent used the Concentrated Electrolyte Spray he said “I was able to get in all of the electrolytes I needed without adding the normal 200-400 calories of beverage I would normally use.” “This allowed me to keep my blood sugar stable and improve my metabolic efficiency during the base phase of my training.”

Brent used the Essential Amino Recovery Patch and really noticed a difference. “The best part of this was all I had to do was apply a patch on dry clean skin for 4-8 hours after training.” “When I forget to apply one, I really notice, that’s how well they work.”

The Glutamine Tablet helped with Brent’s high intensity training. “I found that this supplement really reduces my soreness the following day. This supplement works. Most major recovery drinks will provide glutamine in the drinks but I found an extra bonus of taking it at night before bed.


Brent believes that “…The quality of the composition and the timing/mode of ingestion of all the athlete specific nutrients in the EnduroPack maximize the absorption and benefit to all athletes.” “Because of this I feel energized, recovered and ready to train everyday."

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EnduroPacks, Inc. offers the highest quality sports nutrition to aid in the recovery and performance of endurance athletes. After extensive research by its team of professional athletes and industry experts, EnduroPacks has identified the most effective products in the most efficient forms. Each pack contains a 30-day supply of four essential products, a Liquid Multivitamin, Concentrated Electrolyte Spray, Essential Amino Recovery Patch, and the L-Glutamine Recovery Complex. EnduroPacks products are GLUTEN-FREE, manufactured in the USA, contain no GMOs, and are 100% vegetarian.