Elite Triathlete and Team Director of Big Pistachio Racing Uses EnduroPacks To Recover Quickly and Resume Training

Eli Cohen had spent his endurance career searching for that “magic formula” that would optimize his training, help him recover faster, and perform better on race day. When Cohen tried the 30-day supply of EnduroPacks he had found a product that could do just that! He was surprised as to how good he felt in the morning and how he had no muscle soreness!

Once Eli used The Liquid Multivitamin, The Concentrated Electrolyte Spray, The Essential Amino Recovery Patch, and the Glutamine Recovery Complex Pills he found that he was able to recover quickly from his training all while keeping his blood levels normal and healthy.


Two weeks into using the EnduroPacks Recovery System, Eli ran the Bandera 25k, which has the reputation for being one of the more difficult races in Texas. Regardless of the complexities of the race, Cohen managed a 30-minute PR! What was most surprising for him was how good he felt after the race!  He planned on needing a full recovery the next morning judging by his Total Stress Score. Though his Heart Rate Variability said he could actually put in some light exercising the next day!

Eli said, “Upon completion of the trial, I would recommend the pack simply for its ease of use, portability, and convenience.” “For consumers who are hesitant about proper dosages, I assure you that there’s no guesswork.” “Perceived soreness and HRV didn’t lie since I definitely felt that I’d recovered quickly and was able to resume training.”

To read more about Eli’s training and recovery with EnduroPacks products: http://aecohen.tumblr.com/post/77378097435/enduropacks