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Davey & Jess of Eliminated All Their Guesswork and Saved Money By Training With EnduroPacks

July 22, 2014

Husband and wife triathletes, Davey and Jess of, both know that vitamin and mineral supplements aren’t just for Ironmen. “These vitamin powerhouses are essential for beginner triathletes too!” Davey and Jess said, “Triathletes need powerful nutrition for enduring performance and unabridged recovery. EnduroPacks is an easy way to help your body get what it requires for this.” Husband/wife team

When Davey and Jess tried out the 30-day supply consisting of the four components they felt real benefits! Not only did they feel the benefits but they said, “The best part is that they throw in a bunch of other good stuff like grape seed extract, kelp, aloe, lutein, and lycopene…”

Jess’ favorite part of the EnduroPacks Daily Vitamin and Mineral Replacement System was the Concentrated Electrolyte Spray. “You simply spray five squirts into your favorite water bottle to use during your sweat sessions. No added sugars, just a light citrus flavor that’s actually very delicious.”

Davey and Jess thought the Essential Amino Acid Patch was really useful and innovative as well. “What they’ve done is taken some pretty sweet medical technology and put the building blocks of recovery into it. ““The patch” gives you a steady release of amino acids for up to eight hours after a workout. Stick it and forget it.”

The two also found great results in the Liquid Multivitamin, which they thought tasted well. They used the Glutamine Recovery Capsule right before bed since they both said, “Glutamine is crucial for immune function and maintaining muscle mass.”

Davey said, “Ever since using EnduroPacks, I’ve felt lots of energy. This week, we had some tough workouts on tap.””…I felt like I never hit the wall and that I wake up energized and ready for my next triathlon workout.”

Jess said she felt less sore after her workouts once using EnduroPacks, and that she doesn’t have her usual post-workout dehydration headaches. “She feels like she has plenty of energy after her workouts instead of dragging through the rest of the day feeling spent and exhausted.”

Overall Davey and Jess saw real results and benefits from using the EnduroPacks Daily System of Vitamin and Mineral Replacements. “And just like that, you can eliminate all the guesswork, and save money too by picking up your pack of essential endurance sports nutrition, that is EnduroPacks.”

Find out more about Davey and Jess’ training and recovery journey with the help of EnduroPacks:

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