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Test Results Show Daily Nutrients Improve Recovery For Athletes

June 08, 2016

HRV Results Confirm Daily Nutrients Improve Rates Of Recovery

Triathlete and co-author of Family Sport Life, John Newman incorporated a daily nutrient system of vitamins and minerals into his training and used OpenWave Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tests before and after to track his body’s response.

His results confirmed EnduroPacks Daily Vitamin and Mineral Replacement System is a great solution for nearly every athletes training and recovery needs. John said, “Countless studies over the years have confirmed the effectiveness of each individual component for optimal health, performance and recovery. EnduroPacks brings them all together in an easy to use, daily protocol that could benefit any triathlete, marathon runner or cyclist."

EnduroPacks Daily Nutrient System

HRV Tests Before And After Show Higher Patterns In Recovery Area

During his training, John measured Heart Rate Variability (HRV) before and during the time he incorporated the EnduroPacks daily system into his diet. When John tracked his “Recovery Pattern” he wanted to be in the “Green” zone as much as possible. Here are the graphs of his recovery pattern below:

HRV Tests Show Higher Rates Of Recovery

“As you can see, once I began using EnduroPacks, the percentage of days in the “Green” zone drastically increased. This means that my recovery efforts were much more effective and EnduroPacks seemed to contribute greatly.”, John said.

During John’s training, he was able to remain a consistent intensity (approximately 50 hours per month, 80% aerobic, 20% anaerobic), and he had two very difficult and demanding races. John also said that his average days in “Green” for 6 months prior to EnduroPacks were 8(26%). Since he has been using the EnduroPacks system, his average is 17 (56%).

Within two days of each racing event, John was back to a normal training schedule. “In the past, it would take me 3-4 days to recover from shorter, less demanding events.” John also believes that his day-to-day recovery appears to be more effective and efficient. “I am able to train at high intensities several days a week without feeling sluggish or weak.

Athletes Who Add Daily Nutrients Are Getting More From Their Training

John said, “I am extremely happy with the results I’ve received from using EnduroPacks. I am now in my third month of use as I prepare for Ironman Lake Placid in a few weeks. The system is comprised of high-quality components, is easy to use and build into your everyday supplement protocol, and highly effective in aiding recovery for endurance athletes. I have seen tremendous results and will continue to use EnduroPacks well into the future.” 

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