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Marathoner and Triathlete, Lauren Colvin trains "pain-free" with EnduroPacks

July 30, 2014

Marathoner and triathlete, Lauren Colvin from, was sure that using the EnduroPacks four part system would benefit her with all she puts her body through.

Lauren believed that the daily use of the Liquid Vitamin, Concentrated Electrolyte Spray, Essential Amino Recovery Patch and the Glutamine Recovery Complex left her with “barely noticeable” soreness.  Lauren said, “I was pretty much pain-free the day after my six-hour run (on an asphalt path!). I remember feeling pleasantly surprised as I casually walked down stairs the next day.” “I didn’t realize until my supply ran out that I had also been less sore after boot camp workouts as well.”

Once Lauren completed her 30-day trial using the EnduroPacks Daily System of Vitamins and Minerals she said, “…It is a high-quality set of products, made with organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, non-GMO ingredients. That I can get behind.” Lauren has big plans for her 2014-racing season and wants to make sure she gives her body what it needs to fuel and recover from workouts.  That being said, she chooses to use EnduroPacks for her training and recovery supplements.

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EnduroPacks, Inc. offers the highest quality sports nutrition to aid in the recovery and performance of endurance athletes. After extensive research by its team of professional athletes and industry experts, EnduroPacks has identified the most effective products in the most efficient forms. Each pack contains a 30-day supply of four essential products, a Liquid Multivitamin, Concentrated Electrolyte Spray, Essential Amino Recovery Patch, and the L-Glutamine Recovery Complex. EnduroPacks products are GLUTEN-FREE, manufactured in the USA, contain no GMOs, and are 100% vegetarian. 

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