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Diet Of An Elite Runner From Saucony Hurricane Tina Muir

June 18, 2015

Ever wondered what other endurance athletes eat on a daily basis?

Tina Muir, an elite distance runner with Saucony Hurricanes tells us what she eats on a daily basis to keep her body healthy and energized! The following is a excerpt from her blog.

Pre-run fueling

Lots of carbohydrates, but simple and bland to not upset the stomach....mid run bathroom breaks are not ideal.

Pretzels and Bananas Are Great Pre-Run Foods
Pretzels and a buttered brown sugar bagel with banana
After 12 miles of training, it is crucial to restock those glycogen stores. Tina eats a bar while stretching, and a full meal within 45 minutes of finishing a run. This includes at least 20g of protein, and at least 40g of carbohydrates, with a few grams of good fats. 
Recover with healthy foods, high in protein and include electrolyte replacement
An almond and coconut kind bar, and a giant bowl of all kinds of fruits, 1 cup of plain greek yogurt, and MixMyOwn Granola. Don't forget to add 8-10 sprays of electrolytes from Enduropacks to keep your minerals replenished.

Listen to the body

It is important to listen to those cries as your body will digest the post workout food quickly. Include as many healthy snacks as you can. Sometimes when mileage is really high, you cannot consume enough, but its important it is to keep restocking those stores to ensure you have enough calories for your body to recover.
A handful of mixed fruit and nuts, a handful of Trader Joes Plantain Chips, and finishing this tub of cottage cheese
A typical dinner involves another big dose of carbohydrates, lots of fruit and vegetables, and some protein. This is less protein than I would typically consume, but still enough.
Sweet potato nachos with tomatoes, black beans, corn, olives, PLENTY of cheese for dinner, with TJ's Quinoa chips and fresh made guacamole

Tina trys to consume between 3200 and 4000 calories per day to ensure she has plenty of carboydrates to fuel her runs and protein to rebuild muscles.

She makes sure to eat enough calories because she knows just how important it is to perform. If you view each time you eat as an opportunity to recruit little helpers to make sure your body functions correctly, you will begin to crowd out the bad, and make sure you feel strong, healthy, and nourished!

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