Marathoner and Triathlete, Novia Plummer, Realizes Training Benefits With Daily Nutrient System

Marathoner and Triathlete, Novia Plummer tried the monthly supply of EnduroPacks Daily System of Vitamins and Minerals to give her an advantage during her training. Novia was really excited to integrate EnduroPacks into her routine. She is an athlete who struggles with exercise-induced asthma, so she was unsure if EnduroPacks could even help her training and recovery. However, Novia admits, “…without even thinking about it I did feel a difference when utilizing EnduroPacks, especially on the mornings when I had an early morning lift before work or Saturday morning with club open water swim/ then bike/ then run.

Novia said, “There were a couple of times during pushes in workouts that I remember thinking how awesome I felt and wondered why I felt that way, only to remember my use/consumption of the elements of EnduroPacks.” “…As someone who isn’t a morning person and doesn’t drink coffee or utilize caffeine in the morning, I felt a noticeable difference in mental acuity and ability to exert at increased levels, especially with workouts scheduled first thing in the morning.”

Novia was totally with impressed EnduroPacks, despite the fact that before she tried the products she didn’t believe they would work for her. She said, “Did EnduroPacks deliver? Hands down ‘yes.’ Will I purchase it for use and integrate into my training regimen? OH MY GOODNESS YES!” Novia was not only pleased with the products, but she was pleased with EnduroPacks customer support. “The folks at EnduroPacks, ALWAYS answered my emails within 24-hours, and consistently provided me with instructions on how to tailor utilization of the product to my training schedule to maximize efficacy. Novia also said, “As a newer product, the EnduroPacks team is getting feedback from a wide array of athletes from pros, to age-group amateurs, and they are working to make adjustments to offer optimum product effectiveness no matter the level of athlete utilizing the product.


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