20-time marathoner, and 100-mile cyclist at, recently added EnduroPacks Daily Nutrient System into his training regiment

Here is what Scott of had to say: "The EnduroPacks nutrition program was a great addition to my training program. Even though I only used it for 30 days, it was great to see the impact it had on recovery time. My tough runs felt better and I was able to put in back to back efforts easier than I could before using EnduroPacks. I did notice that as the month went on, my body continued to feel better, even after tough workouts. As I continue to get older, the importance of recovery time becomes even more important. Typically I use a foam roller or a marathon stick to assist with recovery and muscle soreness. When I incorporated EnduroPacks, my body definitely felt better on days following tough workouts. I am planning on using this product for a month or 2 before all my major races in an effort to maximize my training regiment."

"The EnduroPacks vitamin & mineral replacement program is not only simple to use but delivers results. For the 30 days that I used the product, my recovery time improved, tough workouts felt easier, and my endurance improved. EnduroPacks was easy to use and tasted great." reviews EnduroPacks

"As I mentioned above, I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to spend the money to cover the monthly expense. My plan is to purchase the product 2 months prior to a race as this really helps me maximize my training efforts. If you can afford the program, you certainly won’t be disappointed." If you are unsure about whether or not this product is for you, read his full review at : .