Can Supplements Improve Athletic Performance?

Nutrients Perform Numerous Vital Functions Including Converting Food Into Energy

Leading up to race day, nutrients stored in the body will be utilized by the body to help convert food into energy. A lack of nutrients may negatively impact this and other critical processes in the body.

Daily Replenishment Is Key To Training And Recovery

When the body processes are pushed into overdrive over the long day's run, athletes have normal stores of essential nutrients will likely see benefits to recovery. HRV results have shown athletes who follow a regiment of proper daily nutrients can recovery faster than periods without it.

Evidence Suggests Athletes Will Show Improved Training Results 

Coach Chris HagueChris Hague, Elite Triathlete, used blood testing and HRV testing to confirm his thoughts while using daily supplements: "Towards the end of the first week I noticed an increase in my endurance and I fatigued less on my longer rides and runs. My energy throughout the day also seemed to normalize. I found that my recovery time was cut in half when on [EnduroPacks]. I was able to recover from my morning session and be relatively fresh for my afternoon workout. Then, in the morning, I would wake up without sore muscles."

Tina Muir of Saucony Hurricanes Uses Supplements To Stay Healthy and Hydrated During TrainingTina Muir, Elite Runner with Saucony Hurricanes, added daily micronutrients had this to say: "My recovery runs are faster, without putting in any more effort, my workouts have been improving consistently, and I am feeling strong almost every day. I think the Enduropacks [system] has played a part in my body being able to handle all this."

Ultra triathlete, Nick LoganNick Logan, Ultra Triathlete and World Ultra Championship competitor, said, "I came away from this trial thoroughly impressed with my findings. After the first few days I could start to feel a significantly reduced soreness and by the 7th day on the pack I had virtually no soreness whatsoever while increasing the intensity of my workouts. I raced 3 times over the course of October and I ended up on the overall podium 3 times."

Ashley Crossman, Coach and MarathonerAshley Crossman, Distance Runner, Coach, and Health & Fitness Contributor, said "I’ll tell you what…I feel amazing. I feel like I am recovering a lot faster than I ever have; I’m not typically sore, but if I am, it goes away a lot faster than it ever has; and I feel like my endurance has increased at a faster rate than ever before. My heart rate training is proof – I’m running and cycling faster at a lower heart rate than I was at the beginning."

There are dozens of testimonials from pro triathletes, cyclists, and distance runners who have followed a daily regiment of supplements during their training routine and have found similar results.