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Runners Weigh In With Tips For Recovery

December 23, 2015

Athletes Weigh In On Recovery Techniques For Runners

“How can I recover faster?” All of us want to know how we can recover better and faster from our workouts. It would be a lot easier to run every day or hit our training goals.  Recently, a few athlete writers have weighed in and asked their peers how they recover.

A blog by "Nutrition for Recovery Made Easy", listed a responses from other runners:

“Eating within about half an hour is key for me!” - Miss Zippy
“I try to give my body the proper nutrition it needs to repair itself by tracking my macronutrients through MyFitnessPal: Protein, Carbohydrates, sugar, fats, potassium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, sodium, cholesterol etc.” – Fitness Cheerleader

“I take L-Glutamine every morning and Natural Calm magnesium powder every night. My legs cramp up and I cannot sleep without them.” – Eat Run Sail

“I massage stick the heck out of my body, primarily my arms and legs.” – Justin The Weekend Warrior

Nutrition Is The Key For Proper Recovery

Of course most athletes like those above know that nutrition is a key factor in proper recovery.  Recently and added daily vitamins, minerals, and aminos as part of their training routine.  

Angela from HappyFitMama had this to say:

"After about 2 weeks of taking the regime of products, I remarked to (my husband) that I was feeling really good, especially in the morning. The aches disappeared. You could say that my body just adapted to the training. But I think EnduroPacks helped quite a bit too.

And, Tiffany from RunningHutch had this to say:

"My body responds really quickly to training. This year my workout frequency has decreased, which is sad. Even so, since starting the EnduroPacks system I feel like my body adapts quickly to the workouts I have been doing." 

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