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NYC Marathoner Measures His Recovery Rate After Sunday's 26.2

November 07, 2014

A Day After NYC Marathon HRV Results Measured 9 Out of 10

Its Monday morning after John Newman's 26.2 mile run through the 5 boroughs of New York City on Sunday November 2, and he was already focused on when he could start back up with the training. "My HRV is 9 out of 10. It shows that a good solid, polarized training plan, healthy fueling with Amrita bars, Sizzlefish, and using EnduroPacks for recovery works to keep me going.", John said.  John uses OmegaWave heart rate analysis for to track and measure his body's ability to recover during training and racing. Following the difficult conditions at Sunday's New York City Marathon, he was a bit surprised by the results.

Triathlete/Marathoner John Newman Uses A Measured-Approach To Training

John said "I look at endurance sports in general, and especially triathlon, as one big math equation,” says John Newman, a cyclist, runner, and triathlete who launched the Family Sport Life blog in conjunction with his wife, Tara Newman. “You just have to figure it out, and that’s what I’m doing, slowly but surely.” 

An engineer by profession, John woke up one morning a decade ago and realized the numbers weren’t adding up. Day after day he set his alarm early and pumped iron at the local gym before heading to work, but despite gaining strength, he was still overweight and carrying 230-235 pounds on a 5’7” frame. Without balancing his pre-dawn lifting sessions with a healthy diet or cardiac exercise, one day he hit the wall – hard. “I don’t know what came over me or what changed on that particular day, but I just didn’t have any desire to walk into the gym again – ever again at that point,” John says. 


John Newman of Family Sport

OmegaWave's Recovery Pattern Index Helps John Quantify Training Adjustments

To that end, one of John’s posts on Family Sport Life used the Recovery Pattern index on his Omegawave Personal to quantify his training benefits from EnduroPacks, a nutritional supplement designed to improve the efficiency of recovery.

“When I started on EnduroPacks, I marked the date on the calendar and decided to look at my Recovery Pattern for the next thirty days, sixty days, and then beyond. I saw an immediate increase in my time in the [optimal] green zone,” John says. “A lot of times I was in the higher yellow zone – so not in full-recovery after a session – and if I took it a little lighter that day, then the next day I’d be back in the green and I could go harder again. But I was always bouncing around the top of that zone. I found that once I started the EnduroPacks, with the same training regimen for the most part – in fact, the intensity started to get a little higher because I was getting deeper into the race season – I started to get a lot more days in the green.”

“Since that blog post, I did twenty-seven or twenty-eight days in a row right in the center of that green zone. In that time I think I had eight or nine days where I had a ten overall (Readiness) score – which I’d never had before. The only change I made is that I started using the EnduroPacks and getting a good balance of vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes for recovery.”

John Newman

“I write out my schedule at the beginning of the week so I can see and plan my whole week rather than wake up in the morning and go what am I gonna do today?” John says. “But there are times when I’ll have scheduled an hour and a half run with thirty minutes of tempo, and I score a ten [in Overall Readiness]. If all my numbers are at the top of the charts, great – now that thirty minutes of tempo just became forty-five or fifty minutes. I’ll make that call just before I go out on the run. Or, instead of doing an easy aerobic bike session that I may have had scheduled, maybe I’ll swap that out for something with some hard intervals. Because I know on that day, if I do push myself, one way or another, I will get a benefit from it.”

You can read the full blog post from OmegaWave and HRV measurement on their site at:

And you can read more reviews from EnduroPacks customers at: 



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