Two Athletes Share Experiences With EnduroPacks

Recently, two elite endurance athletes shared with us their experiences while training with the EnduroPacks daily nutrient system.  Both entered the 30 day trial with some general skepticism, but after a few weeks of consistent progress they were convinced that replenishing daily nutrients could help their training.

Distance Runner with Oiselle Team and triathlete, Allie Burdick, wrote:

Allie Burdick

"I started out skeptical and thought “This had better work!” And guess what? After 30 days of consistently using all the products, I can honestly say that I have a lot more energy during my workouts, better recovery and my hydration levels have come way up!"


Former professional cyclist turned elite AG triathlete for BigSexyRacing, Jack Cartright, added that he incorporated the system into his training ahead of the XTERRA USA race.  He said:

Jack Cartright

"I awoke each day feeling quite good and refreshed and each ride and run seemed as good as the prior, with no increasing training fatigue. By Friday of that week, I knew I would ride a good race and felt really good".


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