Think Your Thanksgiving Travels Were Challenging...Nick Finishes 1st American In 320 Mile Ultraman World Championships

Nick Logan, EnduroPacks Ambassador, At The Ultraman World Championships

Like most of us, Nick decided to travel far distances this thanksgiving weekend. 320 miles to be precise.  But unlike, most of us, Nick decided to do this swimming, biking, and running his way to his goal of finishing the 320 mile Ultraman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Nick Logan

Nick Finished First American and 6th Place Overall

Ultraman athletes set out to complete 320 miles in 3 days of competition. On Day 1, athletes swam 6.2 miles and biked 90 miles under mostly sunny skis.  On Day 2 those conditions took a turn for the worse, as the athletes rode 271.4 miles along the east side of the island under continuous rain and gusty winds , which made for some treacherous roads and difficult headway.  And on Day 3, athletes had to complete a DOUBLE marathon 52.4 miles to conclude this most demanding physical challenge.

Nick Logan , Ultraman World Championship 2014

Nick Logan, of Norwalk, Connecticut finished the race in 25 hours 40 minutes, over the 3 days, for 6th overall and 1st american finisher.  Congratulations to Nick on this incredible race and personal achievement. Time for some well deserved relaxation and recovery.

Ultraman World Championships 2014