Successful Early Season Finishes For Elites Alexi Pappas and Bryan Morton

Alexi Pappas, of the Nike Oregon Track Team, finished 1st overall in the 3,000 meters UW Invitational last weekend in a stunning 9:02:36 time.  After training in Mammouth with Deena Kastor and teammates in January, Alexi returned home to a strong showing in her first race of the year.  

Catch her post race interview on Flotrack here: .

Elite Marathoner Bryan Morton finished an impressive 2nd place overall at the 3M Half Marathon in Austin, with a time of 67:16, more than 3 minutes off his previous PR.  Bryan had this to say after the race, "Pretty stoked with the result as it was planned as more of a workout than a race. In the end I came away with a 3 minute half marathon PR of 67:16 and 2nd overall against some solid runners from around Texas. What was even crazier is that I was able to recover incredibly quickly and get right back into my training block. Big thanks to you guys!"

Great job Alexi and Bryan, congrats on your early season performances!