US Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier Feels Benefits of Daily Vitamin and Mineral System

Jaymee Marty is an elite marathoner, and coach, with an impressive running resume.  In 2012 she qualified for the US Olympic marathon trials and followed up with a 1st place finish, for the female division, at the 2013 Eugene Marathon.  

Coach Marty considers herself a student of the sport of running -- especially the science of running. She is a scientist by training and uses the skills she's developed professionally and academically on a daily basis to improve her training. 

As a coach and athlete (in her mid 40's) Jaymee knows the importance of getting the proper nutrients to train and perform at her best.  She recently put the EnduroPacks daily system of vitamins and minerals to the test as she trains for the Napa Valley marathon, where she hopes to earn another qualifying spot at the Olympic trials.  

Coach Marty had this to say about her experience, "... I have been feeling amazing and obviously recovering really well from some very tough workouts including a lot of extra strength and mobility work...If it is contributing to how good I feel, it is absolutely worth the cost and extra effort." 

You can follow Jaymee's journey on her blog as she trains for the Napa Valley Marathon in hopes of qualifying for the Olympic trials.