MicroNutrients Help Triathlete Battle Chronic Illness

Professional Triathlete, Nick Brodnicki, has battled more than just the 70.3 mile course other triathletes have been use to. He deals with a chronic disease that effects his body, called Meniere’s disease. It’s a weird disease that gives him seizure-like attacks that can last days.

The disease doesn’t even have a clear consensus on the cause but what doctors do seem to agree on is that fluctuations and imbalances of fluids, electrolytes, and minerals all help to make the symptoms worse. Its like micro-nutrition problems meets autoimmune issues, a perfect storm of sorts.

Nick began using EnduroPacks daily nutrients while in training a few months ago to help balance out the vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in his body.  You can read his thoughts and experience on his blog

Nick believes his body can stay much more balanced and has reduced the attacks he has had to deal with.  Aside from the illness benefits, he is enjoying integrating these miconutrients into his daily routine and is finding it helpful to his training.  Nick said, "In the end I swear I’m staying healthier and recovering better using EnduroPacks. That might sound super cheesy but it’s true. I’ve never had quite the Winter and Spring I’m having right now as far as my health goes. I can’t say enough positive things about this company and what they offer. I’m not here to tell anyone what to put in their body but I would highly suggest you take a look at what the folks at EnduroPacks have to offer!"