Letters From Our Customers

We like to share some our of the letters we receive from our customers, not only because it makes us feel good, but because we hope other athletes can hear how micronutrients can help you improve their training results.  

We just received this from AG Triathlete, Tim Mahar, of Breakaway Training in San Diego, CA: 

Hey EnduroPacks!
I'm a true believer in your product and the proof is in the pudding...this year I've had some fantastic race results which I attribute to my high quality training. With that said EnduroPacks has helped me bounce back day after day to put the work in. As an attorney I don't have the a ton of time to train, but my recovery is stellar and I can make all my sessions count.
Thanks again for providing a product that actually deserves some hype!


We appreciate your feedback, and once again we hope we can help other athletes achieve their goals too.  If you have questions, please write us at info@enduropacks.com. 

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