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Ironman Champion Joins EnduroPacks Team

June 16, 2015

Pedro Gomes is a two-time Ironman champion and one of the top long distance triathletes in the world. Pedro's debut race at the ironman distance was in 2010 at Challenge Barcelona, where he finished 6th place overall.  He finished 2014 with a top-5 finish at every race he entered, including an overall win at LIFETIME SOMA Half-Ironman.

Looking at Pedro you would never know he didn’t have an active childhood. He likes to joke his sports career started in ’94 with the video game World Cup for Super Nintendo. 

Like many other people, he did his first triathlon as a challenge and for fun. In 2004 he had the opportunity to visit Kona and see the World Championship live. That visit drove him to work hard to one day make it back to Kona as a competitor.  Currently Pedro is on the top 25 of the KPR list for professionals who are eligible to compete in this years Ironman World Championships.  

Learn more about Pedro Gomes by visiting his website and be sure to follow him on social media.


Twitter: @krepster

Instagram: @krepster



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