Nutrition Review

Recently EnduroPacks was asked to participate in a nutrition review with participation by it's forum members.  The purpose of us taking part in this type of user review is to get unbiased user reviews from a mix of different athletes and coaches within the triathlon community.  We wanted to give you the reader/athlete direct feedback from your peers.  

Here is a list of requirements for each athlete who participated in the EnduroPacks nutrition review: 

1. You must live within the continental U.S.  
2. You must be actively training and racing for at least an Olympic Distance triathlon during the test.  
3. You cannot be sponsored by a competing nutritional company in this category.  

1. The test group will be limited to 8 athletes.  
2. Athletes will commit to using EnduroPacks products daily over a 30-day trial period.  
3. Athletes will track their progress by monitoring their FTP, HRV and taking a blood test pre- and post-trial period (not mandatory but highly recommended).  
4. Post 30-day trial period athletes will submit their reviews to the Slowtwitch forum community. 



The first athlete to submit her user review of her experience during the 30-day trial of EnduroPacks is Cathy Tibbetts.  Cathy is an accomplished and seasoned veteran with 20 years of experience racing in the endurance world.  With a number of half-ironman and ironman age-group podium finishes on her resume she decided to put EnduroPacks daily micronutrients to the test.  Below is her review which she posted to user forum, which can be found here:

This is my anecdotal n=1 product review of EnduroPacks.  

Test subject (moi): 10 Kona finishes, 2 podiums. 2nd 60-64 at Mont Tremblant 70.3 WC 2014. Before my first IM at age 50 an extensive background in ultrarunning. I have tried a number of supplements in the past and the only thing I ever noticed any benefit from was glucosamine for sore knees. I decided to try EnduroPacks because I am attempting a deca Ironman distance race in 2016 and am looking for every possible advantage to help me finish. They sent me a one month free supply to try.  

The product: EnduroPacks consists of a spoonful of liquid vitamins in the morning, a liquid electrolyte spray you squirt into your water bottle during training, an amino acid patch for after your shower, and two capsules of glutamine in the evening.  

Results: I did two major events while I was on EnduroPacks that I did last year during the same month. One was back-to back century bike rides one weekend in the mountains with a lot of altitude gain, the RoughRiders 200 in northeastern New Mexico. The second was strenuous back-to-back 15-mile hikes in Telluride, Colorado. Both of them seemed much easier than last year. I was nowhere near as tired during or afterwards. Naturally I wonder if I was just training more last year and was more tired ...who knows, but still, I had more energy this time around. Also, I am in a training block where I am doing 1200's at the track and my times are a few seconds faster. I have never been a fan of supplements but everything being so much easier this year swayed my thinking. I was impressed enough that I plan on sticking with EnduroPacks through my deca.  

Likes/dislikes: I liked the four different delivery methods (liquid, spray bottle of electrolytes for my water bottle, patch, and capsules.) It was spread out throughout the day. The one thing I didn't like was that the large bottle of liquid vitamins was difficult to travel with. Nothing you couldn't transfer to a smaller container but I never got around to getting one.  

Summary: Again, my experience is purely anecdotal and a general impression, but I have a 20-year history in endurance sports and this was the only supplement that I ever thought I got any benefit from.