How Oiselle Runner, Steffany Rubel, Trains For 5 Races In Just 7 Weeks

Recently Steffany Rubel of Oiselle Running Team and SweatPink Ambassador added micronutrients to her training routine.  Her training was part of her peak season racing which included 5 races in just 7 weeks.  To do this, it was important for Steffany to keep healthy and recover between workouts.  Micronutrients became a critical component to her training diet.

Steffany Rubel runs for Oiselle Racing

Stef said "I needed to be able to stay at the top of my game. Besides the usual post race pains, I was ready to run again much quicker then I thought I could have, and at the intensity I expected."

Recovery improvements are noticeable if you keep the proper balance of micronutrients during your workout routine. Steff said "After some rough tempo runs,  [l-glutamine] were a life saver! You all know the different type of pains you get during a hard training, these pills helped my legs feel great so I could relax."

You can read the full write up from Steffany on her blog