Marathoner Sees Performance Benefits During Chicago Marathon Training

Run Like a Grl blogger, Megan Lee recently started adding EnduroPacks daily micronutrient system during her preparation for the Chicago Marathon.  Megan found that daily nutrients improved her performance a noticeable amount and helped make her Chicago Marathon training much more positive and pleasant.  She said, "I was diligent with using the system as I increased my mileage in preparation for the Chicago Marathon...What I found was that using the system resulted in increased energy and decreased muscle soreness/fatigue as my training went on which is what every endurance athlete hopes for."  

Megan also found benefits of EnduroPacks on her long runs, "I had much more energy to live my life on my long run days (before using this system I would spend my whole day in bed after a long run!) and was able to even work out the day after long runs". Read more of Megan's comments on her blog.