Coffee: the pre-workout drink you've never considered

Is coffee a part of your daily morning routine? Have you considered making a part of your pre-workout routine? Maybe it should be because there are certain health benefits that could benefit your training session. According to “Men’s Fitness” a cup of black coffee could actually be one of the most effective pre-workout drinks and give you an extra jolt to really kick your muscles into gear! Here’s a list of five reasons you should consider coffee:

  1. Accelerate fat loss – coffee can cause your body to use fat cells as energy instead of glycogen.
  2. Increase performance – coffee could increase your academic performance and help you train longer and/or at a greater power.
  3. Improve focus – coffee can assist you with maintaining focus during your workouts, which could make your training sessions more productive.
  4. Decrease muscle pain – coffee could cause you to experience you to feel less muscle pain.
  5. Prevents disease – coffee contains antioxidants, which could help keep you healthier and protect your from diseases.