Rules to remember

Have you spent weeks molding your body into perfect form for an upcoming triathlon? That’s great! What more could you need to do other than work on the perfect breast-stroke, or maintaining a strong pace during your run or even working on sitting back in the saddle until it’s time to make your break away? A lot, actually. Do you know the proper regulations for a triathlon? Read these tips from “Men’s Health” and make sure you’re following them so all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste!

  • All stages
  1. No music – your mp3 player is not allowed.
  2. Don’t litter – you’ll be penalized if you litter.
  3. No outside help – you can only receive race-provide support (other than moral boosting cheers from your family and friends).
  4. Pace yourself – you have to keep your own time, and can’t have your friends or family tell you what it is from the sidelines. You could receive a penalty if this happens!
  • Swimming
  1. Swim around the buoy – don’t forget it.
  • Swimming to biking
  1. Get to the mount line – don’t ride in the transition area, wait until the mount line.
  2. Fasten your helmet – this is important, make sure it’s buckled. You could be penalized if it’s not.
  • Biking
  1. No drafting – if you’re not passing the person in front of you within 15 seconds, keep at least three bike-lengths between you.
  2. Keep right – if you’re not passing, stay to the right. If you’re in the left lane for longer than 15 seconds, you could get penalized for blocking.
  • Biking to running
  1. Get to the dismount line – don’t ride to the rack.
  • Running
  1. Get to the finish linejust run.