Enhance your endurance

Are you doing everything to make sure you get the most out of your endurance-filled workouts? If you’re going to put the time in to hit the gym and carefully portion out your meals, you should make sure your training is worthwhile. “Men’s Fitness” recommends these five tips to make sure you’re enhancing your endurance.

  1. Prepare yourself – make sure you’re properly hydrated and eating healthy. Your workouts should also consist of weight training and cardio to really increase your endurance.
  2. Heart rate monitor – a heart monitor is a good tool to have for training. It allows you to check if you’re working out hard enough.
  3. Exhaust for endurance – exhausting your muscles will help you to condition them. Make sure you’re doing pull ups, chin ups, push ups, inverted rows and squats.
  4. Reduce rest times – keeping short rest times (30-45 seconds) will really help in increasing your endurance. Keep your reps (weight training) between 8-15, and change up your cardio with cardio and sprinting.
  5. Fight fatigue – drink beet juice. Really! It can increase stamina by 16%, and helps your body produce more energy. Music can also help fight off fatigue, so make sure you choose music that really motivates you!