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Why Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis Adds Daily Nutrients To Her Routine

December 19, 2016

Mary Beth Ellis likes the convenience of liquid electrolytes for racing and training

11-Time Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis Makes Changes To Diet

Mary Beth Ellis, known in the triathlon world as 'the Honey Badger', is among the top professional female triathletes in the world. Prior to the 2016 season, Mary Beth made changes to her training routine which included adding daily nutrient supplements to her typical diet. It resulted in 2 additional Ironman championships, taking her total to 11 career Ironman wins. 

Nutrition Is Critical To Mary Beth's Health And Recovery

Now in her late 30's, Mary Beth realized her nutritional needs were more critical than ever to her training. She decided to try the EnduroPacks line of all-natural, vegetarian daily nutrients.

Following an initial trial, Mary Beth said "After testing their entire line of vitamins and minerals in their daily nutrient system, I was surprised to find myself feeling more resilient physically and healthier than I have been in years. I don’t think that is a coincidence."

In 2016 Mary Beth went on to win 2 more Ironman events

Staying Injury Free Day-After-Day Is Key To Training Success

In a sport known for often unpredictable injuries and difficult setbacks, Mary Beth knows the importance of staying healthy during training. "As an endurance athlete, the key to success is consistency and being able to stay injury-free and healthy day after day to get the most training load with the least stress", said Mary Beth. "As training has ramped up over the past month, I have responded very well to the load and been feeling great despite the demands" she added.

An Alternative Method For Mineral Replacement During Races

Long, hot races are commonplace in the triathlon world. At the Ironman Championships in Kona, Hawaii, athletes contend with the brutal heat and humidity during a 140.6 mile race. The timing and quantity of fueling and hydration are paramount.

Separating Fueling From Electrolyte Replacement Can Help Athletes

Mary Beth is aware of the dangers of not replacing minerals. She explains, "I've struggled in the past with mineral and salt pill supplementation during hot Ironman races. The traditional salt pill regimen has not been successful for me as was clearly evidenced by my meltdown in the lava fields while in 3rd place in Kona in 2015."

After some off season testing, Mary Beth found separating electrolyte replacement from her fueling could be beneficial. "Having my fuel dictate my electrolyte intake has failed me in many triathlons. By separating the two, I was able to find a better more workable solution for me", she said.

Mary Beth Ellis is a 11-Time Ironman Champion

EnduroPacks is pleased and honored to be able to support Mary Beth Ellis with the daily nutrients she needs to help keep her healthy and strong. We're excited to continue to work with Mary Beth as she retires from racing professionally to pursue coaching.

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