Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid for Every New Triathlete

August 03, 2014

Here are some helpful tips for every new triathlete to keep in mind for their big race!

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Marathoner and Triathlete, Lauren Colvin trains "pain-free" with EnduroPacks

July 30, 2014

Lauren Colvin a marathoner and triathlete trains with EnduroPacks and has "barely noticeable" soreness. She has big plans for her 2014-racing season and wants to make sure she gives her body what it needs to fuel and recover from workouts. That being said, she chooses to use EnduroPacks for her training and recovery supplements!


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5 Steps To Become an Elite Triathlete

July 24, 2014

Have you been racing in triathlons for quite some time now, and you're now looking to challenge yourself even more? Maybe it's time to think about becoming a professional triathlete! Here are 5 key elements that will get you on the road to becoming an elite triathlete.

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The Injury-Prevention Diet That Will Boost Your Immunity and Decrease Your Injury Rate

July 21, 2014

It's important that you stay healthy and injury-free so you can train at your best level for peak peformance. Is it possible that your diet is DECREASING your immunity and INCREASING your injury rate? Here's 5 nutrition tips to promote healing and recovery to avoid injury and boost your immune system!

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Why You Need a Power Meter for Your Triathlon Training

July 10, 2014

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#TriathleteProfile Mary Beth Ellis

July 07, 2014

Mary Beth Ellis has dominated in triathlons and holds the fastest iron-distance race by an American woman. Despite some health challenges she has made her mark and landed on top!

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EnduroPacks is Proud To Partner With The CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing Team Of New York

June 24, 2014

We are proud to partner with the CRCA/Dave Jordan Racing Team which honors the memory of Dave Sean Jordan, one of New York City’s legendary bike racers, coaches, and mentors! 


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Keep Your Gut Happy During Endurance Training

June 20, 2014

Not taking care of your GI system is one of the biggest mistakes an endurance athlete can make! Stay on top of your discomfort with these tips from

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Elite Marathoner, Triathlete, and EnduroPacks Ambassador Qualifies To Represent US in Sweden

June 16, 2014

Elite marathoner, triathlete and EnduroPacks brand ambassador, Sara Randolph placed 3rd in her AG in the Grand Rapids 70.3! With that, she earned a spot to represent the US in Motala, Sweden in 2015. A big congrats to her for that RESULT! Read more about her race.

Read More Reviews EnduroPacks Sports Nutrition System

June 11, 2014

The following product review appears on , a triathlon gear review site. They have reviews on running shoes, road bikes, and swim equipment and many others as well.

FitEgg says, "EnduroPacks has created a mixture of products specifically designed to help you meet the demands of serious training. The component parts have been researched and formulated to ensure they work together. Even more helpful to many of us... your monthly supply is delivered directly to you... so if you’re one of the people that frequently forgets to take your vitamins or forgets to buy more when you run out, this could simplify your life."


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Runner/Triathlete, Mother of 4, and EnduroPacks Ambassador Finishes on the Podium at the Seahorse Challenge

May 30, 2014

Distance runner, triathlete and mother of 4, Sara Randolph, enters a race last minute and finishes on the podium. She recently wrote about her race weekend on her blog . We've shared excerpts of her experience leading up to, during, and after last weekend's Seahorse Challenge Tri, here.

Ambassdor and Mother of 4, Sara Randolph Finishes on Podium at Seahorse Challenge

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Alternative Fuel Sources For Runners and Endurance Athletes

May 13, 2014

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