Replacing Liquids and Electrolytes Is Necessary To Avoid Deficiencies, But Do We Need Sugar Too? 

We need to hydrate. But how can you hydrate and replace electrolytes without the harmful additives like sweeteners and artificial flavoring common in sports drinks that are harsh on your stomach?

Now you can easily add clean electrolytes to your drink wherever you go. In the gym, on the trail, or when you are traveling by road or air. A few pumps is all it takes to add back balanced liquid electrolytes into any drink, without any sugar or sweeteners.

Many Sports Drinks Are Loaded With Sugar And Can Cause GI-Distress

GI-distress is a common occurrence among athletes who rely on sugar-heavy sports and energy formulas for hydration and carbohydrate replacement.

Sugar is a frequent cause of GI-distress because of the way sugar needs to be broken down by the digestive system. 

Sugar is a frequent cause of GI distress

Liquid electrolytes by EnduroPacks have no sugar or sweeteners, so there's no risk of GI-distress. "It has a very light citrus flavor, unlike the overly sweet products I'm accustomed to. I usually end up with an upset tummy after hours of rehydrating with sugary products! I give this electrolyte replacement Foxxi thumbs up!", Roxanne Gail runner, ultra-runner.


"I will say that the fact that it didn't bother my stomach is definitely my favorite thing. My stomach is pretty touchy- but this was a go!", Nicole runner and RRCA coach

Add back electrolytes lost to perspiration and respiration

Drinking Filtered or Processed Water Is Not Enough To Rebalance The Body's pH

The loss of fluids and essential minerals through perspiration, respiration, and normal bowel and urinary elimination can cause the body's functions to slow down resulting in dizziness, fatigue, cramping, or headaches. These symptoms common to dehydration, result when we fail replace the essential liquids and electrolytes our body needs. 

However, both bottled and tap water today is often processed or filtered to remove certain particles and minerals, often resulting insufficient mineral levels to rebalance your body's pH.

Maria Dalzot stays hydrated and replaces electrolytes on the trail 

"You need to stay on top of nutrition and hydration and EnduroPacks electrolytes makes it easy to replace the electrolytes I lose from climbing 3 hours up a mountain. I don't have to worry about the negative impact dehydration and electrolyte loss has on performance.", Maria Dalzot, mountain/ultra runner and registered dietitian.