Elite Marathoner Places 2nd Overall and Set New PR

Bryan Morton is an elite marathoner and member of the Rogue Running and Skechers Performance Teams.  Recently Bryan finished 2nd place overall, in a time of 1:07:16 (5:07/mile), setting a new PR, at the 3M Half Marathon in Austin, TX.  

When it comes to nutrition, Bryan was never one to take in vitamins, supplements or anything of that nature.  He said, "...Not because I was against it in any way. I simply didn’t know what to take and was getting by just fine with what I’d been doing thus far."  But as he bumped up his weekly mileage to 100 miles over the past 8 months, in preparation for qualifying for the Olympic Trials, he noticed his body taking longer to recover from workouts/races.  "That heavy feeling in my legs lingers for a tad longer than it did when I was averaging 20-25% less miles the year prior."  To keep up with his bodies needs to replenish the vitamins and minerals lost during training he sought help from fellow athletes, coaches and doctors for recommendations.  

Supplementing Vitamins and Minerals To Speed Recovery

This past November Bryan was introduced to EnduroPacks by one of his Skechers teammates and Team Rogue training partners, professional triathlete Gray Skinner.  "I started adding in EnduroPacks to my daily routine back in November. In that short period of time I’ve already become a huge believer...Since starting this regimen my legs have recovered far quicker from key races and workouts. This has enabled less time recovering between workouts and legs that are far poppier within those workouts."  Bryan found that supplementing his daily nutrition with EnduroPacks was easy and beneficial to his training regimen.  

Be sure to follow Bryan on his journey as he trains for the Boston Marathon and a qualifying spot at the US Olympic Trials.  You can read more of Bryan's experience with EnduroPacks on his blog or follow him on Instagram.


Alexi Pappas, of the Nike Oregon Track Team, finished 1st overall in the 3,000 meters UW Invitational last weekend in a stunning 9:02:36 time.  After training in Mammouth with Deena Kastor and teammates in January, Alexi returned home to a strong showing in her first race of the year.  

Catch her post race interview on Flotrack here:  http://bit.ly/16eSHwg .

Elite Marathoner Bryan Morton finished an impressive 2nd place overall at the 3M Half Marathon in Austin, with a time of 67:16, more than 3 minutes off his previous PR.  Bryan had this to say after the race, "Pretty stoked with the result as it was planned as more of a workout than a race. In the end I came away with a 3 minute half marathon PR of 67:16 and 2nd overall against some solid runners from around Texas. What was even crazier is that I was able to recover incredibly quickly and get right back into my training block. Big thanks to you guys!"

Great job Alexi and Bryan, congrats on your early season performances!