Pro triathlete Thomas Gerlach, EnduroPacks athlete

Thomas Gerlach, Professional Triathlete With A Number Of Podium Finishes In 2014, Joins EnduroPacks Athletes During Upcoming 2015 Season

In 2014 Thomas raced in over 20 events, ranging from duathlons to full-ironman distance races.  Thomas stays healthy by implementing a strict program which includes a healthy diet, proper rest, and EnduroPacks daily system of vitamins and minerals, to keep him healthy and performing at peak levels.  

Thomas Gerlach grew up in Madison, Wisconsin playing team sports and running circles around the other kids when it came to aerobic activity.  He found the sport of triathlon after suffering an overuse injury due to his heavy focus on running marathons during college.  His first triathlon race was in 2006 and every year since then he has been one of the most active racers and always try to have some fun and smile while I am out there competing. Since turning pro in 2011, he has a total of 7 professional podium finishes, including fifth overall in the Challenge Atlantic City Ironman, second overall in the 2014 Ironman Louisville, and third overall in the 2014 Ironman Silverman 70.3, among others.

Thomas Gerlach, Pro Triathlete

Thomas Returns For The 2015 Season In Top Condition Following an Injury That Side-Lined Him At Ironman Arizona

Thomas plans to incorporate EnduroPacks daily system of sports nutrition into his offseason training regimen to help him recover properly from his training and stay healthy. 

We're very pleased and honored to have Thomas joining our team in 2015!  You can read more about Thomas on his personal blog at

As a runner it's important to eat foods that will properly fuel your training. Here's a list of some delicious foods that will offer you the greatest health benefits in the long run!

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There Was Just One Major Change To Her Training

When Christine Yu decided to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon, she pulled out the training plan that her friend created for her to prepare for the San Francisco Half Marathon and started running.  She didn’t change the plan at all – 3 runs per week, strength training, yoga and rest. 

The one major change to her training regime during the last month leading up to race days was she started adding a daily routine of vitamin and mineral supplements to her training routine.

Hear Christine Tell It...

Christine set the record straight in her blog  We shared her comments here:

Let me be upfront. I don’t take supplements. I don’t even take a multivitamin (I know, I know. I should.) I occasionally use protein powder in my smoothies. That’s it.

The main reason I don’t take supplements is because I’ve never felt that it was necessary. I should be able to get the nutrients I need from a well-rounded diet. Plus, it wasn’t like I was a serious athlete and that my dietary intake wouldn’t be able to keep up with my body’s needs. And I would always forget to take whatever vitamin/supplement I was supposed to when I was supposed to.

So it took some convincing to decide to try Enduropacks. Knowing that I was training for Philly, I thought it was a good opportunity to test it out.

Vitamin and mineral replacement is key for endurance athletes to stay healthy and recover faster. But how do you ensure that you're giving your body what it needs? EnduroPacks has created a convenient system designed to do just that. From someone who is skeptical of supplements and vitamins, I was surprised at my results.

Stay Healthy Recover FasterWhat is it?  EnduroPacks is a daily pre-, during- and post-workout system of vitamins and minerals. Since depleted vitamin and mineral levels mean sub-par performance, an increased potential for injury, and reduced recovery rate, EnduroPacks is designed to replaces essential vitamins and minerals so that your body can maintain immune system health and proper nutrition as well as improve muscle recovery while reducing soreness.

I used the system as recommended, minus a few days where I forgot to take one part of the system or didn’t apply the amino patch right after working out. Since I don’t carry water with me on most of my runs, I used the spray in my post-run water immediately upon returning home.
I was concerned about using the patch since I have sensitive skin. While it didn’t irritate me a lot, I did have to rotate the location where I applied the patch so that my skin wouldn’t become itchy. The patch can also leave behind a little residue (like a price sticker that you can’t quite peel off cleanly).

After taking a 30-day course, here are the benefits I noticed:

  1. Good runs: I run three days a week because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve recognized that my body needs a little extra rest. Even with the extra downtime, many of my runs often feel labored, and it takes a while for my legs to come to life. Like 5 out of 6 miles. While taking EnduroPacks, I can honestly say that I had many more good runs than bad. My legs never really had that dead feeling.
  2. Faster recovery: Because my legs didn’t feel dead during my runs, I also recovered faster. I’m a champion napper and often need a quick nap in the afternoon. During the month, I noticed that I wasn’t as tired during the day and I didn’t need my daily nap.
  3. Less aches and pains: I’m the queen of feeling sore and achy as my past injury history reveals. Leading up to the SF Half and Reach the Beach Relay, I was dealing with some pain in my plantar fascia and my left ankle / shin area. While the aches didn’t disappear completely, they were significantly less bothersome and didn’t inhibit my training. In fact, there were long stretches of days when I didn’t feel sore or achey.
  4. 7-minute PR at the Philadelphia Half Marathon: OK, I can’t attribute my PR entirely to EnduroPacks. Yes, I ran strong and consistently over the past year and honestly, I expected to start falling apart by the fall. That’s part of the reason why I didn’t register for the half until 3 weeks before race day. I do think that EnduroPacks played a role in allowing me to continue to run and to have one of the best races in Philly.

Vitamin and mineral replacement is key for endurance athletes to stay healthy and recover faster. But how do you ensure that you're giving your body what it needs? EnduroPacks has created a convenient system designed to do just that. From someone who is skeptical of supplements and vitamins, I was surprised at my results. 

For more details on Christine's training and to visit her blog


You know the feeling you get, when you’re flying down the highway at 80mph and you pass a cop?  A momentary flash that began when you saw the car, and ended when the car didn’t pursue.  For me, that same sensation carved out a temporary residence in my core and didn’t check out for months when I was diagnosed with Non-Hogkins Lymphoma in 2005.  And yet, that fear would come to pass.

Cancer has always been my body’s way of pushing me around.  Triathlon has become my way of pushing back

Six years later- after a few health scares, multiple Ironman finishes, 2 Ironman World Championship qualifications, I started PAINCAVE. And here we are-two years later.  Our subscription numbers continue to grow, our library of episodes is expanding, Race Directors are partnering with us, and we’ve created a brand that we are all proud of.  We are becoming Life’s Change Agent.  The challenges I face now are easily drowned out by my belief in what I am doing.  The difficulty when starting a business is that often times you are so insulated, each decision occurring in a vacuum, it’s easy to lose sight of this belief.

“Promote Health and proper nutrition for athletes… reduce soreness and aid recovery… provide the Nutrients Athletes Need to Train more effectively.”

EnduroPacks aren’t just a product you buy, they are an essential tool built on a foundation of principles, principles that have inspired many of our lives.

After my diagnosis, my oncologist basically said “if you want to stay ahead of this, be as healthy as you can be… people get tired walking up a flight of stairs because they’re out of shape, you don’t have that luxury. Stay as fit as possible so that symptoms that would be ignored by others raise huge red flags for you.”

And that’s what I’ve done. EnduroPacks daily system is exactly what is required for me to maintain as sharp an edge as possible in pursuit of Good Health. A pursuit we all endeavor to make. The better I feel, the greater the delta between “normal” and “sick.” For many of you, improvement may be the sole motivation. We can all live with that.

Visit PAINCAVE at and try a full free episode.  Take PAINCAVE for a test ride and experience "Life's Change Agent".  Use promo code: "ENDUROPACKS" to receive 20% off of an annual membership.