20-time marathoner, and 100-mile cyclist at ActiveGuy.com, recently added EnduroPacks Daily Nutrient System into his training regiment

Here is what Scott of Activeguy.com had to say: "The EnduroPacks nutrition program was a great addition to my training program. Even though I only used it for 30 days, it was great to see the impact it had on recovery time. My tough runs felt better and I was able to put in back to back efforts easier than I could before using EnduroPacks. I did notice that as the month went on, my body continued to feel better, even after tough workouts. As I continue to get older, the importance of recovery time becomes even more important. Typically I use a foam roller or a marathon stick to assist with recovery and muscle soreness. When I incorporated EnduroPacks, my body definitely felt better on days following tough workouts. I am planning on using this product for a month or 2 before all my major races in an effort to maximize my training regiment."

"The EnduroPacks vitamin & mineral replacement program is not only simple to use but delivers results. For the 30 days that I used the product, my recovery time improved, tough workouts felt easier, and my endurance improved. EnduroPacks was easy to use and tasted great."

Activeguy.com reviews EnduroPacks

"As I mentioned above, I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to spend the money to cover the monthly expense. My plan is to purchase the product 2 months prior to a race as this really helps me maximize my training efforts. If you can afford the program, you certainly won’t be disappointed." If you are unsure about whether or not this product is for you, read his full review at :  http://theactiveguy.com/reviews/enduropacks-review/ .


A study that analyzed over 1.7 million people in marathons all over the world over the course of 10 years, found that air temperature had the biggest impact on running performance.

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The following product review appears on Fitegg.com , a triathlon gear review site. They have reviews on running shoes, road bikes, and swim equipment and many others as well.

FitEgg says, "EnduroPacks has created a mixture of products specifically designed to help you meet the demands of serious training. The component parts have been researched and formulated to ensure they work together. Even more helpful to many of us... your monthly supply is delivered directly to you... so if you’re one of the people that frequently forgets to take your vitamins or forgets to buy more when you run out, this could simplify your life."


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In order to run 26.2 (or even 13.1) miles without hitting 'the wall', you’re going to need to eat something to refuel along the way. Most runners have resorted to popular Gels or chews, which are often consumed repeated over the course of your run and have the benefit of being easy to transport.  But as you likely know, these products can be overly sweet and gooey in consistency. Increasingly runners are seeking alternatives to these overly sweetened products, like natural foods which are less likely to cause bodily issues such as GI issues. 

The trick is to find foods which are a source of carbohydrates and protein, yet are relatively easy to transport. Also, try to keep your carb intake during each hour of a long run between 30-60 grams per hour, so once you find some real foods that work for you, tally up the total carbs to make sure you are taking in enough. 

Here are a list of some alternative carbohydrate fuel sources for runners:

  • Large banana — 121 calories, 31 grams carbs
  • Fig cookies: 2 each — 198 calories, 40 grams carbs
  • Small box of raisins:  — 123 calories, 33 grams carbs
  • Sliced apple — 77 calories, 21 grams carbs, 2 grams fiber
  • Low-fat bagel — 128 calories, 19 grams carbs
  • Hard pretzels — 108 calories, 23 grams carbs (Hint: grab the extra salty kind if you’re a salty sweater in need of extra sodium.)

It is important for runners to realize that as they sweat, they not only lose water from their bodies, but valuable minerals that need to be replaced in order for the body to continue to function properly.  Mineral replacement during a long run is essential for the body to continue to process the fuels necessary to perform at increased levels of intensity.  Sodium and potassium are minerals most associated with electrolyte replacement products, but there are numerous other minerals in the body essential for proper bodily function and performance that should be replaced. 

Athletes need at least 13 of these electrolyte-forming trace minerals to have the body function properly. And you can’t just buy these minerals in a store and put them into your food or take them as a supplement. They need to be in just the correct amount to: 

  • Help the brain function properly,
  • Heighten concentration and alertness,
  • Boost energy levels
  • Provide support to strengthen the immune system
  • Enhance the uptake of vitamins and proteins and other minerals you are digesting, such as amino acids and proteins, which help athletes recover following exercise
  • Help to re-establish healthy alkaline Ph levels, which is necessary in the body for it to stay healthy

You can find out more about the how athletes can benefit from mineral replacement and the trace minerals found in our concentrated electrolyte spray in “Fueling For Peak Performance", by Nina Anderson (SPN). To obtain a copy, write us a request at info@enduropacks.com.  Or visit our website at www.enduropacks.com . 




HITS Endurance, which produces both the HITS Triathlon Series and HITS Running Festivals, will be offering EnduroPacks one month pack to both men's and women's winners of their upcoming HITS Marble Falls, Texas race on April 26th and other upcoming events.




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Ultra Marathoner, Marathoner, Yoga Instructor, and fitness enthusiast at RunTriMom.com, Stephanie Johnson, describes her 30 days leading up to her Chicago Lakefront 50K Ultra.

Stephanie had this to say, "It had helped me come off of a 10 day hiatus and severe lung infection feeling stronger then ever and with relatively no soreness in my muscles as I started back up with my training!"

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Did you know we are now on YouTube? Check out our latest videos of us racing through the streets of NYC on the way to T2Multisport computrainer and getting a bike fit to some FatBoy Slim at HBodyLab in NYC.

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Whether you are new to 'healthy living' or just want to research to find out more, we wanted to give you some helpful links so you can eat and train right. Find out more here...

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If you think you can get all your essential minerals from food, think again. Modern farming methods and acid rain lower the pH of the soil. Starved for trace minerals, plants now take up toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and ‘bad’ minerals. Food processing, which accounts for a large percentage of the foods we consume, further depletes the needed micronutrients in our diets. Our consumption of liquids may often be the only source of trace-minerals in our daily diet. 

pH Levels of Soil Acidic vs. Alkaline

Unfortunately, when it comes to water, most tap water is filtered before it gets to the tap, which removes many of the good minerals along with the undesirable substances. Even if you choose bottled water from the grocery shelf or have an expensive filter you installed in your kitchen, the essential life-supporting trace minerals have most likely also been removed from the very same filtering process.

bottle water or filter water

To remedy this, you can go to the store and buy rehydration (sports) drinks of which there are a large inventory to select from. What you will find if you read the labels is that the trace-minerals (electrolytes) added back are mostly just sodium and potassium. According to Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition and author Nina Anderson in “Fueling For Peak Performance (2014)”, while sodium and potassium are required to replace what is lost during exercise and sweat, most sports drinks fail to address the broad-spectrum of trace elements needed to properly support the essential functions of brain and body.

Balanced diets should include trace minerals such as organic copper, zinc, chromium, selenium, and iodine, micronutrients, plus certain macro-minerals (those needed in large amounts) that form the electrolytes, which carry out all bodily functions.

Trace minerals are known to help the brain function properly, heighten concentration and alertness, boost energy levels, and provide support to strengthen the immune system. They also enhance the uptake of vitamins and proteins and other minerals you are digesting such as amino acids and proteins, which help athletes recover following exercise. Trace minerals also help to reestablish healthy alkaline PH levels, which is necessary in the body for it to stay healthy.



“Fueling for Peak Performance” by Nina Anderson, S.P.N. Copyright ã2014 by Nina Anderson

Safe Goods Publishing 561 Shunpike Rd. Sheffield, MA 01257 

If you would like to find out more about the trace minerals in our concentrated electrolyte spray, visit our website at www.EnduroPacks.com.  A podcast of an interview with Nina Anderson is available at https://soundcloud.com/enduropacks/benefits-of-the-enduropacks. Or visit her blog at : http://antiaginglady.wordpress.com.


EnduroPacks, Inc. offers a vitamin and mineral replacement system to endurance athletes, which helps aid in recovery and performance. EnduroPacks has identified the most essential vitamins and minerals for athletes in the most efficient forms. Each pack contains a 30-day supply of four essential products: a Liquid Multivitamin, Concentrated Electrolyte Spray, Essential Amino Recovery Patch, and the L-Glutamine Recovery Complex. EnduroPacks products are GLUTEN-FREE, manufactured in the USA, contain no GMOs, and are 100% organic and vegetarian.   To find out more, visit their website at www.EnduroPacks.com  EnduroPacks is a member of the NPA.