Avoid The Sweeteners and Extra Calories Of Sports Drinks

Add Liquid Electrolytes To Your Drink With Zero Sugar or Sweeteners 

We need to hydrate. But how can you hydrate and replace electrolytes without the harmful additives like sweeteners and artificial flavoring that are harsh on your stomach?

Now you can easily add clean electrolytes to your drink for healthy pre-, during-, and post-workout hydration. Just add liquid electrolytes to any drink and avoid the harsh sugary additives and extra calories of most sports drinks.

Is Your Sports Drink Causing GI-Distress?

GI-distress is a common occurrence among athletes who rely on sugar-heavy sports and energy formulas for hydration and carbohydrate replacement.

Sugar is a frequent cause of GI-distress because of the way sugar needs to be broken down by the digestive system. 

Sugar is a frequent cause of GI distress

Cut The Sugar And Avoid Stomach Issues

Liquid electrolytes from EnduroPacks contain zero sugar or sweeteners, and zero additives, so its easy on your stomach.

"It has a very light citrus flavor, unlike the overly sweet products I'm accustomed to. I usually end up with an upset tummy after hours of rehydrating with sugary products! I give this electrolyte replacement Foxxi thumbs up!", Roxanne Gail runner, ultra-runner.


"I will say that the fact that it didn't bother my stomach is definitely my favorite thing. My stomach is pretty touchy- but this was a go!", Nicole runner and RRCA coach

Spray and go. Easy to carry and add clean, healthy electrolyte to your drink

Drinking Water Is Not Enough...Replace Electrolytes

Exercise results in the loss of fluids and essential minerals through perspiration, normal bowel and urinary elimination, and breathing. Failure to rehydrate appropriately during exercise is the main contributing factor to poor performance, particularly in hot and humid conditions.

But drinking water is not enough.

"You need to stay on top of nutrition and hydration and EnduroPacks electrolytes makes it easy to replace the electrolytes I lose from climbing 3 hours up a mountain. I don't have to worry about the negative impact dehydration and electrolyte loss has on performance.", Maria Dalzot, mountain/ultra runner and registered dietitian.

Maria Dalzot stays hydrated and replaces electrolytes on the trail

Hyponatremia Is A Dangerous Condition That Can Be Addressed By Replacing Electrolytes

Drinking too much can put yourself in danger of a condition called Hyponatremia. Its a condition when electrolytes become low in the blood stream. Individuals often become so focused on hydrating with water they put themselves at risk of not replenishing enough of the essential minerals in the body.

Enduropacks electrolytes contain 13 naturally-occuring ionic minerals including sodium and potassium, which help to increase blood flow to the heart, muscles, and brain. 

"I consume it everyday, all day and I tell everyone I know who is training..they HAVE to incorporate it into their hydration plan.", World Mountain Running competitor and coach Megan Lund-Lizottte.

World Mountain Running competitor Megan Lizotte has incorporated liquid electrolytes into her daily routine

Convenient To Carry And Add Clean Electrolytes To Any Beverage

And because its in a convenient-sized bottle, you can carry it with you anywhere and hydrate throughout the day, wherever the trail takes you. 

Traveling Ted carries liquid electrolytes on his outdoor adventures

"The best part about Enduropacks is their ease of use. All you have to do is pump about ten sprays into 16 ounces of water. Then shake the water container and it is ready for consumption. The liquid is almost tasteless, so it is perfect to mix with water. The product contains no sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients with zero added calories.", outdoor enthusiast TravelingTed 

Hear What Others Say About Liquid Electrolytes

"During my training I always want to find a way to stay hydrated with all the right minerals, but I don't particularly want all the loaded up sugary calories. The [EnduroPacks liquid electrolytes] is a sugar free, calorie free option, with no added calories, while adding all your needed electrolytes back in...and I haven't cramped once since starting it", Nathan Turner, Ironman triathlete.



"I used it yesterday after my crossfit workout and agin today after my run, and I love it! The flavor is very very light (hint of lemon) if you just want a hint of flavor in your water, and I love how it's all natural ingredients!", Chelsey Langford, CrossFit competitor, runner, and yogi,