Following is a recipe from ROCKET FUEL, a new recipe book for athletes by James Beard Award-winning food journalist and registered dietitian, Matt Kadey.

Rocket Fuel is a publication by Matt Kadey that reveals healthy alternatives and recipes for athletes

Many athletes turn to sticky gels when in need of a quick hit of sugary energy. And I’ll admit that I used to rely heavily on these products until I discovered how easy it is to make my own concentrated sugar rush using dried fruit. Which is why I included a few recipes in ROCKET FUEL that require little more than soaking some dried fruit like raisins or apricots and then blending with a few flavorings. The combination of glucose and fructose present in dried fruit increases carbohydrate absorption rates during exercise, while the added water not found in packaged gels encourages better digestion and hydration.

This energy shot featuring dried mango has become one of my favorite things to bring along when I’m on the saddle for the long haul. 

Liquid electrolytes in an easy to carry bottle for active individuals

Often, I add a touch of salt to my energy shots to help replace what is lost in sweat. But I recently discovered a great new electrolyte product produced by EnduroPacks. It’s essentially a spray bottle filled with liquid electrolytes like sodium, magnesium and potassium. No sugar calories, lab created colors or mystery flavors. I like to squirt it into my water bottles when I’m not interested in adding calories to my liquid but feel like there is a need for a little boost of electrolytes. And it’s also a great product to elevate DIY energy shots like this mango lime version.

Try our delicious homemade energy gel recipeEasy to make energy gel recipe


1/3 cup chopped dried mango

2/3 cup boiled water

2 teaspoons honey

1 teaspoon lime zest

1/8 teaspoon salt or about 10 pumps of EnduroPacks electrolyte spray


Place mango and boiled water in a blender container and let soak for 30 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and blend until as smooth as possible. Let cool and then transfer to one large gel flask or two smaller ones. This can be made a day or two in advance if kept chilled. 

See video below for easy to follow steps on making this healthy and delicious electrolyte energy gel recipe. 


During exercise, divide into 2 servings or suck back the whole thing if you need a big energy boost.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

IMG_1656 from EnduroPacks on Vimeo.


EnduroPacks Athlete Mary Beth Ellis Wins Ironman Maatshricht

Mary Beth Ellis Storms Back To Win In Ironman Return

Mary Beth Ellis (also known as MBE or Honey Badger) is known as one of the toughest Ironman athletes to ever participate in the sport. So her amazing comeback from illness to win this past weekends Ironman Maastricht should be no surprise to anyone.  

Recovering From Lyme Disease, But Didn't Hold Her Back

If you don't know, Mary Beth was diagnosed with Lyme Disease back in June.  Lyme disease is a bacterial infection primarily transmitted by ticks. Lyme disease causes a rash, often in a bull's-eye pattern, and flu-like symptoms. Joint pain and weakness in the limbs also can occur. Most people with Lyme disease recover completely with appropriate antibiotic treatment. Thankfully it was diagnosed early by MBE's doctors and treated to allow for a full recovery.  

In an interview with, MBE talked about her emotional return from her layoff.  She hasn't raced a full Ironman distance since the Ironman World Championships in 2015. 

“I’m nervous but excited,” Ellis said

“Trainings been going well, but I don’t know what to expect after Lyme disease and so much time away from racing.”

Mary Beth Wins IM Maastricht With A Course Record

Those fears and emotions were put to bed early during the race as MBE took an early lead in the swim. When she exited the water in a time of 48:18, Ellis was 2:30 ahead of Sarissa de Vries (NED) and more than 6 minutes in front of the rest of the pro field. Heading onto the bike course, MBE was first place in the female pro division, and sixth place overall. Ellis looked comfortable on the bike even though it was raining and she continued to stretch her lead. Through 66 kilometers, her advantage was more than 10 minutes over de Vries. As she entered T2 after a tough and at some points slippery course due to rain, she had a comfortable lead heading into the marathon. 

Triathlon's Honey Badger Returns To Top Form

The 10x IRONMAN champion started into the marathon more than 22 minutes ahead of Tineke van den Berg. Ellis had a consistent and solid run and finally enough time to enjoy her first race back, and 10th IRONMAN victory of her career. 

Nutrition Is A Focus For Mary Beth's Health And Recovery

Now in her late 30's, Mary Beth realized her nutritional needs were more critical than ever to her training. She decided to try the EnduroPacks line of all-natural, vegetarian daily nutrients.

Following an initial trial, Mary Beth said "After testing their entire line of vitamins and minerals in their daily nutrient system, I was surprised to find myself feeling more resilient physically and healthier than I have been in years. I don’t think that is a coincidence."

Convinced by the benefits of adding micronutrients to her daily routine, Mary Beth decided to join EnduroPacks team of elite and professional athletes. The former American record holder at the Ironman distance has been training with the benefit of added daily nutrients with great success.

Ellis stated, “As an endurance athlete, the key to success is consistency and being able to stay injury-free and healthy day after day to get the most training load with the least stress.”

Mary Beth Ellis wins her 10th Ironman Championship

With the help of EnduroPacks products, MBE looks to add to her dominant performance at Ironman Maastricht, and qualify for Kona.

NAZ Elite Craig Lutz

NAZ Elite, Craig Lutz Bio: 

Hometown: Highland Village, Texas

College: University of Texas

Professional Team: Hoka One One Northern Arizona Elite

Personal Records:

1,500m – 3:44.88 
3,000m –
5,000m –
5k Road –
10,000m –

At what age did you start running? 

It was in elementary school, at the age of 7, I was part of a group called Marathon kids which promoted health and wellness to fight obesity.  The goal was to run the equivalent of a marathon distance (26.2 miles) over a season.  It has now expanded into a national program that challenges kids to run the equivalent of four marathons in a season.

When did you decide to take running more seriously?

During my freshman year of high school.  I realized that were is stiffer competition in high school and I had to start taking it more seriously.  When I first started running I didn't have a structured program, it was my dad and me trying to figure it out as we went along.  It wasn't until I got on the high school running team that I was on a structured plan which helped me to compete at a higher level.  

Why did you decide to join the NAZ Elite Team and coach Ben Rosario?

I really like Ben's coaching style and the vibe of the Hoka One One NAZ Elite Team in Flagstaff.  Ben helps you take a smart approach to your training and schedule of races to help get you to your goals.  He's also really great at marketing the team and athletes so we can get the most exposure possible.

Craig Lutz wins Cross Country Championships

How do you fuel for your workouts?

Pre-workout: I will generally wake up at least 2 hours before the start of my workout and immediately have a cup of coffee and toast with peanut butter. I go light on the PB to make sure I'm not tasting it later on. 

During: I haven't had to worry about this factor just yet as most of my training has remained short enough where refueling isn't a major concern. I am excited to have the electrolyte replacement now to mix with my bottle of water to quench my thirst during workouts. 

Post workout: I recently bought a nutribullet (spurred by my wisdom teeth surgery) and am loving the ability to gain nutrients quickly after a hard effort with the use of a smoothie. I load it with leafy greens, fruit, and add flavor with other ingredients, and electrolytes to help with rehydration. This is the window of best absorption and with a smoothie you're only multiplying the effort of replacing everything your body lost. 

What accomplishments are you most proud of so far in your running career?

  • Qualifying for the World Junior Championships in XC
  • Being a 4 time All-American at University of Texas
  • Winning USATF 10k Cross Country Championships

What are your goals for the rest of this season?

My goal is to shoot for the USATF road title for the road circuit, currently I'm in 2nd place behind Christo Landry, with Jared Ward, and Olympians Galen Rupp and Meb Keflezighi all in the mix.  

I'm also focused on making the U.S. Cross Country World Team in 2016.

HRV Results Confirm Daily Nutrients Improve Rates Of Recovery

Triathlete and co-author of Family Sport Life, John Newman incorporated a daily nutrient system of vitamins and minerals into his training and used OpenWave Heart Rate Variability (HRV) tests before and after to track his body’s response.

His results confirmed EnduroPacks Daily Vitamin and Mineral Replacement System is a great solution for nearly every athletes training and recovery needs. John said, “Countless studies over the years have confirmed the effectiveness of each individual component for optimal health, performance and recovery. EnduroPacks brings them all together in an easy to use, daily protocol that could benefit any triathlete, marathon runner or cyclist."

EnduroPacks Daily Nutrient System

HRV Tests Before And After Show Higher Patterns In Recovery Area

During his training, John measured Heart Rate Variability (HRV) before and during the time he incorporated the EnduroPacks daily system into his diet. When John tracked his “Recovery Pattern” he wanted to be in the “Green” zone as much as possible. Here are the graphs of his recovery pattern below:

HRV Tests Show Higher Rates Of Recovery

“As you can see, once I began using EnduroPacks, the percentage of days in the “Green” zone drastically increased. This means that my recovery efforts were much more effective and EnduroPacks seemed to contribute greatly.”, John said.

During John’s training, he was able to remain a consistent intensity (approximately 50 hours per month, 80% aerobic, 20% anaerobic), and he had two very difficult and demanding races. John also said that his average days in “Green” for 6 months prior to EnduroPacks were 8(26%). Since he has been using the EnduroPacks system, his average is 17 (56%).

Within two days of each racing event, John was back to a normal training schedule. “In the past, it would take me 3-4 days to recover from shorter, less demanding events.” John also believes that his day-to-day recovery appears to be more effective and efficient. “I am able to train at high intensities several days a week without feeling sluggish or weak.

Athletes Who Add Daily Nutrients Are Getting More From Their Training

John said, “I am extremely happy with the results I’ve received from using EnduroPacks. I am now in my third month of use as I prepare for Ironman Lake Placid in a few weeks. The system is comprised of high-quality components, is easy to use and build into your everyday supplement protocol, and highly effective in aiding recovery for endurance athletes. I have seen tremendous results and will continue to use EnduroPacks well into the future.” 

Alexi Pappas qualifies to represent the Greek olympic team in rio

Runner, Actress, Poet, and Social Media Personality Can Add One More...Olympic Athlete

May was a good month. In early May, Nike Oregon Elite Alexi Pappas realized one of her many dreams when she ran the 10,000 meters in 31:46 at the Payton Jordan Invitational, shattering the Olympic Standard time and securing her place on the Greek Olympic team. (She set a PR at the event, and broke the Greek national record by nearly 40 seconds)

As a duel citizen, Alexi qualified to represent the Greek team in Rio this summer in the 10,000 meter event. She will be the first Greek woman to run the 10,000 meters at the Olympic games. A dream come true.

An emotional Alexi Pappas after qualifying for the Greek olympic team in Rio

Tracktown: The Movie Selected To Premiere At Los Angeles Film Festival

Earlier that week, Pappas and co producer Jeremy Teicher found out their film "TrackTown the Movie" (in which Alexi co stars) was selected to premiere that the LA Film Festival on June 4th. The film was shot in historic Eugene, Oregon and features professional athletes, like Andrew Wheating and Nick Symmonds, as actors.

Pappas is a poet, essayist, actress, filmmaker and popular personality on social media was recently featured in the New York Times.  The author suggests Alexi's "appeal far transcends her results. Her lack of pro-athlete pretension that draw fans, primarily teenage girls who run cross-country, to her." 

Tracktown the Movie starring Alexi Pappas Premieres June 4th in LA

The Forecast Is Fast... Its Going To Be A Good Year

As an up-and-coming world class athlete, we are proud to help support Alexi chase her dreams. It is indeed going to be a 'good year' for Ms. Pappas. We wish her the best.

"I used my electrolyte spray all day leading into my Olympic qualifying race (and the whole EnduroPacks system the whole training cycle and everyday leading up) and know that it was crucial to my success. Thank you so much!" ~ Alexi Pappas

Olympic Runner and Filmmaker Alexi Pappas


A Diet of Proper Nutrients Can Improve Performance and Recovery During Training

When Ashley Crossman, a coach and contributor to, started her 70.3 training, she knew that her twice-a-day workouts would be a lot more than her body was used to. When Ashley heard about EnduroPacks she was quite intrigued by the products.

Coach Ashley Crossman 

Faster Recovery, and Lower Active Heart Rate

After using the products everyday throughout training, Ashley wrote that she felt amazing. “I feel like I am recovering a lot faster than I ever have; I’m not typically sore, but if I am, it goes away a lot faster than it ever has; and I feel like my endurance has increased at a faster rate than ever before. My heart rate training is proof – I’m running and cycling faster at a lower heart rate than I was at the beginning.

In addition to eating well, getting massages every few weeks, and foam rolling regularly, Ashley had no doubt in her mind that these daily nutrients were making a huge impact.

Ashley plans on using EnduroPacks all the way through the completion of her Ironman training. "If you are an endurance athlete who is looking to recover faster and increase endurance and performance, I definitely recommend looking into EnduroPacks.”

Read Ashley's full review on EnduroPacks daily system on her website.



EnduroPacks offers the highest quality sports nutrition to aid in the recovery and performance of endurance athletes. After extensive research by its team of professional athletes and industry experts, EnduroPacks has identified the most effective products in the most efficient forms. Each pack contains a 30-day supply of four essential products, a Liquid Multivitamin, Concentrated Electrolyte Spray, Essential Amino Recovery Patch, and the L-Glutamine Recovery Complex. EnduroPacks products are GLUTEN-FREE, manufactured in the USA, contain no GMOs, and are 100% vegetarian.'s Guide To Must Have Hiking Essentials

Be Prepared For The Hike With These Essentials

Whether you're an experienced hiker, or new to the outdoor hiking scene, it's important to make sure you're prepared for everything mother nature may throw your way.  Are you worried about overpacking or leaving something behind?  Not to worry! put together a comprehensive list of all your hiking essentials -- depending on the distance and conditions you may face, each list covers everything you'll need to pack to have fun and stay safe.

Find The Essential Items To Pack For Your Next Hike

Starting with the "eight essentials" for your basic short hike in mild conditions, this list includes:

  1. A 16-ounce water bottle: I like S'well bottles because they stay cold.
  2. EnduroPacks electrolyte spray: A couple sprays of this sugar-free, portable concentrated electrolyte solution will help keep your fluid levels in check during any activity lasting more than an hour. 
  3. 1 or 2 snack bars: If it's warm, it's best to bring bars that won't melt like Kind Bars, Larabars or CLIF Mojo bars. 
  4. Cell Phone: Make sure it's fully charged and never head out alone without it.
  5. Hat: Any hat that provides enough coverage for your face will do, but for sunny days we highly recommend a wider-brimmed hat that protects your neck and shoulders. 
  6. Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses are best. Make sure the pair you purchase offers 100 percent UV protection. 
  7. Sunscreen: Apply it to all exposed areas before you head out, and if your hike is longer than two hours or you sweat heavily, you'll need to reapply every hour. 
  8. Map: Even if you know the area, it's always a good idea to have a map with you just in case you accidentally take a wrong turn.

You can find a complete list of all the recommended packing essentials from Active.coms's article What to Pack on Your Next Hike.  These lists are full of all the gear you'll need to make your next outdoor excursion fun and safe. But remember, be safe and stay hydrated during your hike.

The 'Dirty Secrets' Inside Sports Drinks

Many companies have introduced hydration formulas which include water, electrolytes, and some form of carbohydrates such as glucose for energy. But what else are they putting in these sports drinks?

Read The Labels Carefully When Reaching For That 'Healthy' Sports Drink

Knowing which ingredients in a food or drink are good for you or harmful is a difficult endeavor. Many ingredients in sports drinks come with a warning of health hazards if taken in quantity.

For example, one dose of artificial dye, may not harm you, but repeated use through ingestion of gallons of a sports drink may eventually cause adverse symptoms. Sports drinks, like Gatorade, have become so popular that many people consume them instead of water, even when they are not working out.   

Food coloring, sugar, and artificial ingredients are only some of the harmful additives in sports drinks

Why Do Sports and Health Drink Companies Use Additives?

Additives are designed to improve nutritional value, help with absorption, prevent spoilage, maintain freshness, act as a preservative, retard bacterial growth, provide cohesiveness, extend shelf life, enhance visual appearance, or act as a sweetener.

Some Additives In Sports Drinks You Should Avoid

Most people are aware of the toxic side effects of artificial colors and flavors from coal tar derivatives such as Red #40, a possible carcinogen, and Yellow #6, which causes sensitivity to viruses and has caused death to animals, yet these are commonly used in sports drinks.

The Sugar Content in Gatorade and Vitamin Water Is Not Considered Healthy When Consumed In Large Quantities

Cochineal extract or Carmine Dye is a color additive used in food, drinks such as cola, cosmetics, and to dye fibers red. It is made of the ground up female cochineal bugs from Central and South America. University of Michigan allergist, James Baldwin, M.D., confirmed cochineal extract triggered life-threatening anaphylactic shock in some people. 

Another chemical additive quite often found in sports drinks is PEG (polyethylene glycol). Sometimes used as a drug to induce mild diarrhea and cleanse the colon before surgery, it stays within the intestinal tract and is not absorbed. It is a water-soluble, waxy solid that is added to products to increase the freezing point. When given intravenously it tends to increase the ability of blood to clot, and if given rapidly causes clumping of cells and death from embolism. Warnings from the MSDS labeling indicate that “if swallowed, give water and get medical assistance immediately. Avoid all unnecessary exposure and insure prompt removal from skin and clothing.” Side effects are listed as nausea, bloating, cramps, vomiting, chills, and anal irritation. It also may interfere with drug effectiveness such as blood thinners, birth control pills, and anti-inflammatories.

Hydrate With Clean Naturally-Occurring Ionic Minerals

For most athletes and most types of exercise, its not necessary to consume large amounts of glucose during your workout. Sports drink manufacturers have convinced many athletes and casual consumers that consuming 25 grams of sugar per serving is actually healthy for you.

Separate Hydration From Fueling With These Healthy Alternatives To Sports Drinks

clean, fast-absorbing electrolyte replacement

Choosing an all-natural electrolyte replacement drink, free from sugar and harmful additives, will not only help your performance but will keep you healthy in the long run. You can even make your own healthy homemade sports drink with a few simple ingredients.

Active Individuals Need To Replace Minerals Essential For Proper Bodily Functions

Electrolyte replacement isn't just for runners or athletes -- explorers, hikers and individuals who are active, especially outdoors in the sun, should replenish their electrolytes. recently published the article What to Pack on Your Next Hike, giving great suggestions on what gear, nutrition, and hydration to pack when hiking outdoors.  

Essentials To Pack On Your Next Hike

The previous was an excerpt from a publication: "Runners Guide To Electrolyte and Carbohydrate Replacement", by sports nutritionist, Nina Anderson (SPN) of Safe Goods Publishing. For additional information read the full publication.

The Key Nutrients For Recovery Post-Exercise

Just as the body needs fuel for energy while exercising, nutrients are essential for the bodies ability to repair muscle and tissue for recovery post workout. And amino acids are the key factor in this process.

Amino Acids Support Protein Synthesis And Muscle Repair

Our bodies are made up of 20 percent protein. Protein plays an important role in almost all biological processes and amino acids are the building blocks of it.

Amino acids carry out many important bodily functions such as the transportation and storage of nutrients. Amino acids also help to repair damaged tissues, especially in the muscles, bones, and skin.

According to a study by Meirion Jones, many doctors have now confirmed that a supply of amino acids (also by way of nutritional supplements) can have positive effects.

Jones highlights, “Among these factors are the pollution caused by burning fossil-fuels, the hormones fed to cattle, the intensive use of fertilizers in agriculture, and even habits such as smoking and drinking, all of which can prevent our bodies from fully using what we eat. Worse still is the amount of nutrition that is lost from our food through processing before we actually get to eat it. By providing the body with optimal nutrition, amino acids help to replace what is lost and, in doing so, promote well-being and vitality.”

Essential vs. Non-Essential Amino Acids

In the human body there are 20 amino acids that help to build proteins and therefore termed proteinogen. Besides this, there are approximately 250 amino acids which do not form proteins. These are used to form sugar for example.

The 20 amino acids in the body are called can be divided into three groups: essential, semi-essential, and non-essential.

Essential Amino Acids Are Not Produced Internally

Recovery Post Workout Starts With Proper Nutrients

Nine amino acids are essential for humans, they cannot be produced internally and therefore must be supplied externally. These essential aminos are: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, arginine and valine.

Ten non-essential amino acids are able to be produced in the body. The following amino acids fall into this category: alanine, asparagine, aspartic acid, cysteine, glutamine, glutamic acid, glycine, proline, serin and tyrosine.

Functions Of Various Amino Acids

We list the known functions of a few essential and non-essential amino acids most critical to muscle recovery: 

    • Valine –  stimulates protein synthesis directly in muscle tissue, it is considered one of the body’s most important “fuels” used in the building of lean muscle tissue and the enhancement of muscle “reaction”.
    • Isoleucine - critical to ongoing muscle tissue maintenance and it helps muscles restore glycogen to produce energy. It further helps prevent protein deterioration during muscle-demanding sports and, or exercise. It helps to repair, heal, and grow damaged muscle tissue. It also helps to reduce recovery time after workouts and, or strenuous exercise routines.
    • Methionine –  helps to support joint health and brain function.
    • Tyrosine – critical amino acid that our cells use to synthesize proteins. There are several studies that show that Tyrosine can be beneficial during periods of colds, fatigue, and stress. 
    • Glutamine- a non-essential amino acid, glutamine offers a significant benefit to exercising individuals and those looking to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. Glutamine can help promote cell volumization, the phenomenon of drawing of water inside muscle cells which can help increase muscle “fullness”, increase protein synthesis (the making of proteins), and decrease proteolysis (the breakdown of protein).

Micronutrients Are The Forgotten Key To Recovery For Athletes

Physicians and nutrition experts have long argued the importance of proper nutrition for an athlete's performance and recovery. A proper diet of natural foods including carbohydrates and protein is essential, but even today’s balanced diets may lack sufficient amounts of nutrients that athletes need. Amino acids are a key component for proper recovery from exercise.

Sara Randolph - LA marathon 2014

At EnduroPacks, we often receive letters from our customers, but sometimes we just have to share them. This one, from Sara Randolph, who ran the LA Marathon on March 9, 2014, helps explain how all runners and endurance athletes can benefit from a regiment of vitamin and mineral replacement during their training.

Read More