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Our Mission

We want to help athletes get more out of their training by providing them the daily essential nutrients they need to succeed. We provide all-natural, healthy vegetable-based vitamins and minerals in the latest, most EFFECTIVE, and most CONVENIENT formats.  

Our daily micronutrients include a 30 day supply of four components:

  • Multi-Vitamin for immune system health
  • Concentrated Electrolyte Spray to replace the minerals lost during exercise
  • Essential Amino Acid Patch to aid muscle recovery
  • L-Glutamine Complex to reduce soreness after workouts

The results speak for themselves, just read our reviews.  Endurance athletes can see benefits in both overall health and improved recovery from proper nutrients, so they can get out there and train and perform more effectively. 

If you have any questions, you can reach us at or calling 646-484-9674.