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Liquid Daily Multi-Vitamin (30 servings)

Higher nutrient absorption than solid tablets or capsules: 

    • Liquid formula with rice protein stabilizing agent increases the rate of absorption and nutrient bioavailability versus tablets
    • All the essential daily vitamins and minerals for immune system health and muscular support
    • Iron-free, GMO-free, and 100% Vegetarian formula. Manufactured in the USA
    • Tropical Orange flavor

    Higher Rates Of Absorption With Liquid Vitamins

    Our liquid multivitamin offers faster absorption and greater bioavailability (nutrient absorption) compared to solid form tablets or capsules. A brown rice stabilizing agent allows for maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals.

    Studies show liquid micronutrients can absorb up to 4 times greater than solids such as tablets. Get more for your money, and more nutrients for your body, when you choose liquid multi-vitamins and minerals.

    Food-Based Vitamins & Minerals. Vegetarian and GMO-Free

    This all-natural formula contains the essential vitamins and minerals and food-based nutrients such as Kelp, Biotin, Aloe, and Grape Seed extract. Now available in tropical orange flavor.

    It contains the essential array of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, and E) along with essential minerals that your body needs to function properly and help convert food into energy. It's the perfect daily multi-vitamin supplement for any active individual.

    "The multi-vitamin helps to make sure my nutrients are all covered in addition to my healthy diet. The products taste great and work in supporting all the hard work I am doing out on the roads/trails and mountains", ultra mountain & trail runner Devon Yanko.

    All-natural ingredients are vegetarian, food-based, GMO-free products of the USA. 30 servings.

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