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Co Founder David Wiswell On Cycling, Nutrition, and EnduroPacks : Podcast

April 10, 2014

Our Co-Founder and former pro cyclist, David Wiswell, tells Tri Swim Coach's Kevin Koskella, how EnduroPacks can help all athletes cope with the rigors of endurance training.

In this podcast, David discusses his background as a pro cyclist in Europe and the long hours of training which led him to seek ways to help his body maintain the level of training he needed and compete effectively. Over that time in which he tried many nutrition products, he found a system of regular replenishment of nutrients and minerals for hydration and recovery was the most effective means to maintain a high level of consistent training. 

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Olympic Trialist In 10K Seeks New Ways To Improve Running Performance

April 08, 2014

Tina Muir, an Olympic trialist and elite runner with a serious kick (she runs a 33:24 10K) has been seeking new ways to make the most of her running ability, and become the absolute best she can, recently tried vitamin and mineral replacement as part of her endurance training routine.

Tina Muir Olympic Trialist in the 10K

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Trace Minerals: Those Vital Electrolytes You Might Be Missing

March 31, 2014

When humans think of electrolytes, they immediate visualize rehydrating the body after a sweaty workout with a solution that is predominately sodium and potassium. The sports drink market is huge. Overlooked by most athletes and sports drink companies is the supplemental need for a multi-electrolyte solution that provides a total complement of trace minerals. These trace minerals provide sustenance for the entire body, without which our health is compromised. In the book, “Fueling For Peak Performance”, author and Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition Nina Anderson, describes exactly what electrolytes are, what they do for the body, and why these trace minerals are necessary for the body to function properly during exercise. To benefit from electrolytes, the body must be able...

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