Daily Vitamin & Mineral Replacement For Endurance Athletes

  • Promotes Health & Proper Nutrition
  • Reduces Soreness & Aids Recovery
  • Helps You Train More Effectively

      The EnduroPacks Daily System


      • Each pack includes a 30-day supply of our: Liquid Multi-Vitamin, Concentrated Electrolyte Spray, Essential Amino-Acid Patch, and L-Glutamine Recovery Complex. 
      • Includes the essential PRE-, DURING-, and POST-workout vitamins and minerals for athletes.

            Contains a 30-day supply of each of the following products:


            • Our multivitamin comes in a high potency, liquid format.
            • One tablespoon every morning.
            • Allows for fast, easy absorption by the body; with a brown rice protein stabilizing agent for maximum bioavailability.
            • Gives you the nutrients you need to maintain proper health and avoid injury during training.

            Concentrated Electrolyte Spray

            EnduroPacks Concentrated Electrolyte Spray
            • Concentrated liquid format for maximum convenience.
            • 10 sprays per 16oz bottle of water for during-workout hydration.
            • Essential minerals for energy, muscle contraction and blood flow, organ and tissue health, and mental acuity.
            • Increases stamina and hydrates without the sugar.

            Essential Amino Recovery Patch

            • Transdermal adhesives are the most advanced, convenient, and effective delivery method of essential amino acids.
            • Apply one patch daily to clean, dry skin on inner forearm, back, or stomach post-workout (leave on 4-8 hours).
            • Helps replenish muscles, increase lung function, and boost immune system performance.

            Glutamine Recovery Complex

            • Endurance training depletes the glutamine levels in your skeletal muscles, increasing the likelihood of injury and fatigue.
            • Two tablets every night.
            • Replenishes nitrogen loss due to intense muscle training, speeds up recovery and reduces soreness (so you can get back out there tomorrow!).


            Amino Acid Transdermal Patch Supplement Info
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            A Proud Partner of HITS Triathlon and HITS Running Series

            HITS Running and Triathlon SeriesEnduroPacks is proud to partner with HITS Triathlon and Running Series, an organization that shares our interest and passion for the sport of triathlon and running by bringing "A Distance For Everyone" to race participants throughout the U.S. Visit www.hitstriathlonseries.com or www.hitsrunning.com to sign up today.



            November 25, 2014

            ITS ULTRAMAN CHAMPIONSHIPS WEEK IN KONA, HAWAII ULTRAMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS is NOT your average endurance event, it spans the 3 days and 320 miles to stretch the limits of human endurance. This week our own ambassador, Nick Logan, will be in Hawaii in the field of Ultraman athletes who will compete at this year's challenging event.  NICK LOGAN WILL COMPETE IN THE FIELD OF ULTRAMAN ATHLETES ON HAWAII'S BIG ISLAND Covering a total distance of 320 miles (515 kilometers) on the Big Island of Hawaii requires that each participant complete a 6.2 mile (10 K) open ocean swim, a 261.4 mile (421 K) cross-country bike ride, and a 52.4 mile (84 K) double-marathon run.  NICK'S RESUME OF ULTRAMAN/ENDURANCE RACES Races: 1st... Continue Reading →

            Hip Yoga Stretches For Runners

            November 19, 2014

            Tina Muir, Elite Runner for Saucony Hurricanes, has been recovering following the Chicago Marathon with a few common techniques.  But she has also incorporated a routine of Hip Yoga Stretches to help relieve the tightness in her hips.   These are the exercises Tina has found to be most effective. Hold each stretch for around 90 seconds, to really allow the muscle to let go. Make sure you continue to breath deeply the entire time. You should never stretch to the point of real pain, but it will probably be uncomfortable to start, but will ease up after around a minute. This hip opening yoga sequence for runners has really helped her feel better on runs! Do it 4-5 times... Continue Reading →

            Two Athletes Share Experiences With EnduroPacks

            November 13, 2014

            Recently, two elite endurance athletes shared with us their experiences while training with the EnduroPacks daily nutrient system.  Both entered the 30 day trial with some general skepticism, but after a few weeks of consistent progress they were convinced that replenishing daily nutrients could help their training. Distance Runner with Oiselle Team and triathlete, Allie Burdick, wrote: "I started out skeptical and thought “This had better work!” And guess what? After 30 days of consistently using all the products, I can honestly say that I have a lot more energy during my workouts, better recovery and my hydration levels have come way up!" http://vitatrain4life.com/patches-arent-just-for-nicotine-enduropacks/.   Former professional cyclist turned elite AG triathlete for BigSexyRacing, Jack Cartright, added that he incorporated... Continue Reading →


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